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Cooked fish.

Most fish can be cooked. You will need to know how to cook, and have sufficiently high cooking skill to learn the recipe. To cook, you will need to stood next to a cooking fire (including many braziers in towns and cities). Almost all cooking recipes can be purchased from vendors. If you are training your fishing skill, it is highly recommended that you train cooking at the same time.

While tasty, the majority of cooked fish only recover health when eaten. Consequently they have no special value, and should not be auctioned.

Some cooked fish gives a "buff", such as improvements to attributes, or health or mana regeneration. Many of these dishes are highly valued. Catching, cooking, and selling them at the auction house is often the best way to make gold from fishing.

The prices listed here are for single fish. It is common to sell fish in stacks of 5, 10 or 20. Raw fish may also sell, particularly where the cooking recipe is rare, as is the case for Savory Deviate Delight. Most people prefer to buy cooked fish.

High Value Buff Food

These cooked fish are often eaten, particularly by those venturing into the most difficult dungeons. Expect these fish to sell very well.

High Value Fish-based Food that Gives Buffs
FishCooked FoodMinimum Level (to eat)BuffDuration (minutes)Median Auction Value (cooked)Catching
Deviate FishDeviate FishSavory Deviate Delight-Pirate or Ninja6070sWhere to catch »
Figluster's MudfishFigluster's MudfishGrilled Mudfish55+20 Agility, +20 Spirit3080sWhere to catch »
Furious CrawdadFurious CrawdadSpicy Crawdad55+30 Stamina, +20 Spirit301g 20sWhere to catch »
Golden DarterGolden DarterGolden Fish Sticks55+44 Healing, +20 Spirit301g 25sWhere to catch »
Huge Spotted FeltailHuge Spotted FeltailFisherman's Feast65+30 Stamina, +20 Spirit301g 20s [a]Where to catch »
Icefin BluefishIcefin BluefishPoached Bluefish55+23 Spell Damage, +23 Spirit3090sWhere to catch »
Zangarian SporefishZangarian SporefishBlackened Sporefish55+20 Stamina, +8 Mana/5 seconds3090sWhere to catch »
  • [a] One Huge Spotted Feltail creates 6 Fisherman's Feast ((since patch 2.3)) - it is huge, after all. Most other fish provide single servings. The value of a single Huge Spotted Feltail is therefore effectively over 5g.
  • Median auction values are based on Wowecon prices for the cooked food. Prices are for single fish. Use these as a guide only - actual prices will vary.
Deviate Fish are the only high-value fish that can be caught at low (15 or above) level. The recipe to cook them is rare and expensive. But catching, cooking and selling the fish can still be very profitable. Read about Catching Deviate Fish »

Lower Value Buff Food

Not all anglers can catch the most valuable fish. And some other fish you catch will still have value. The table below lists lower value fish that give a buff when cooked. These tasty meals are not guaranteed to sell, but may still make the angler a respectable income. All the fish shown here were listed on Wowecon for between 10 and 50 silver each, cooked.

Lower Value Fish-based Food that Gives Buffs
FishCooked FoodMinimum Level (to eat)BuffDuration (minutes)Median Auction Value (cooked)Catching
Bloodfin CatfishBloodfin CatfishBroiled Bloodfin55+8 Resistance [b]30?Where to catch »
Crescent-Tail SkullfishCrescent-Tail SkullfishSkullfish Soup65+20 Spell Critical Strike Rating, +20 Spirit301g [c]Where to catch »
Enormous Barbed Gill TroutEnormous Barbed Gill TroutEnormous Barbed Gill Trout65[d]-40sWhere to catch »
Lightning EelLightning EelStormchops55Zap lighting30? [e]Where to catch »
Raw Greater SagefishRaw Greater SagefishSagefish Delight306 Mana/5 seconds1510sWhere to catch »
Raw Nightfin SnapperRaw Nightfin SnapperNightfin Soup358 Mana/5 seconds1010sWhere to catch »
Spotted FeltailSpotted FeltailFeltail Delight55+20 Stamina, +20 Spirit3030sWhere to catch »
Winter SquidWinter SquidGrilled Squid35+10 Agility1025sWhere to catch »
  • [b] Broiled Bloodfin buff is now +8 resistance to all schools of magic ((altered from +20 Stamina and Spirit by patch 2.4)).
  • [c] Skullfish Soup rarely sells. It is also rarely sold. But when it does sell, it can still fetch a high price.
  • [d] Hot Buttered Trout gives no buff, but does restore 7500 health and 7200 mana, so can still attract a high price.
  • [e] Stormchops may be sold for more than 1 gold each. However, demand is very low, so often Stormchops simply do not sell. The Stormchops recipe is very rare - typically one must complete the daily cooking quest for a month to gain the recipe. Lightning Eel are also used for Argent Dawn quests, so may sell uncooked.

These are not the only fish that give buffs when eaten. A full list of all fish-based food that gives a buff can be found in the Fish Finder. This includes some fish-based buff food that may still be of use to lower-level anglers, but is unlikely to sell at auction.

Cooking is not the only profession to use materials that can be caught by fishing.

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