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These pages were written by El's "alter ego", Tim Howgego, copyright © 2006-8, unless otherwise stated. He has written about quite a lot of other games over the years, and really should have grown out of it by now.

El is a gnome warlock (or "special mage", as she prefers to be called), who could often be found fishing on Ravenholdt (EU) realm. El is now semi-retired, and "her book" is increasingly ghost-written by other gnomes. I suspect only gnomes are have sufficient curiosity to write books about fishing.

Errors, suggestions and comments can be sent to el at I'm always interested to hear about new changes in the game. Please put "WoW" somewhere in the email subject field. You may also wish to post on the forums.


Illustration: El, a gnome fisherwoman.

El's Extreme Anglin' was launched in August 2006. Writing and research started a few months before. It has been continuously updated since then.

Why write about fishing? The basic mechanics of fishing are very simple, but Blizzard designed a lot of hidden detail. Nobody had definitive answers to some quite simple questions, like what skill is required to fish in an area? I enjoy probing games and deriving patterns from data, so thought WoW fishing would be a bit of a challenge.

The site aims to:

  • Be definitive: El was the first to document skill requirements, explain basic fishing mechanics, or even outline the pattern of resource node spawning. El's exploration and analysis of new content is widely trusted. But this is not just based on the research of "one gnome": The information here is drawn from many other anglers - both on El's forums, and elsewhere. This wider community helps keep the information here accurate.
  • Be helpful: Knowing everything is easy! The hard part is breaking it down into just what each visitor needs to know. The site has gradually evolved to contain a lot more basic information about fishing, laid out in shorter, better illustrated articles. I'm always looking for ways to make it even more helpful.
  • Be different (or better): Copying other sites adds nothing to the world. Either do what others are doing better, or do it differently. Preferably both. The Fish Finder is a good example: It offers information about catching fish in a different way to all the "standard" WoW database sites, addressing many of their limitations. I hope it is a better resource for where to catch fish. It is certainly different.
  • Keep evolving: The internet allows very rapid iteration of ideas. Write something. Watch the server logs to see how many people read it. If it was popular, expand that content. Or write more pages in the same style. Don't worry about what didn't work. It's a very powerful logic, that has completely changed this site over time.


Like the site? Here is how you can help:

  1. Post links to El's Extreme Anglin' on forums or the comments pages of other WoW fan sites. Post links where they are relevant - for example, as part of an answer to someone's question. These links really help people find the site.
  2. If you spot a change or find something entirely new when fishing, let us know!
  3. Recommend it to guild members and friends. A lot of players don't realise how much there is know.
  4. Spread angling! Most people are still missing out on fishing. Not enough gold? Burned out raiding, but still want to chat? Wrong spec' to grind? There are many reasons to fish.


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El's Extreme Anglin' is now one of the most popular fishing websites on the internet (the most popular appears to be FishBase). It has over 10,000 visitors each day, and around 200,000 unique visitors each month. Half of readers live in the United States, with most of the remainder in Northern Europe, Canada and Oceania. I estimate that as many as one in four English-speaking World of Warcraft players will read this guide during their "careers". Further analysis of who reads El's Extreme Anglin' can be found on the author's 'blog. Quantcast also audit site traffic.

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