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This page describes content that is only available with Wrath of the Lich King. This expansion is not yet available to buy. The information here may change upon release.

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Travel to Dalaran


Wrath of the Lich King moves Dalaran from Azeroth to Northrend. It now floats above Crystalsong Forest, in the centre of Northrend (pictured left). It is a neutral city, similar to Shattrath.

At level 74 or above, take the quest "The Magical Kingdom of Dalaran", which starts from several different quest-givers: Looking in the main towns in lower-level Northrend zones. For alliance, the quest starts from Baron Ulrik von Stormhearth (in Valgarde, Howling Fjord), Image of Archmage Modera (in Stars' Rest, Dragonblight), Magister Dath'omere (in Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra), Magistrix Haelenai (in Amberpine Lodge, Grizzly Hills), Magister Teronus III (at The Argent Stand, Zul'Drak), or Vas the Unstable (in Wintergarde Keep, Dragonblight).

You will then be able to use the teleport crystal device in the ruins, on the ground, on far western side of Crystalsong Forest. This allows travel between the city and Crystalsong Forest. Mages take the quest "Attunement to Dalaran", which is currently available at level 71.

Mages can learn a portal spell for Dalaran (reported at level 74). Special mages (that is, warlocks) can also summon. In practice, this means that anyone can reach Dalaran at any level.

At level 77 you can learn Cold Weather Flying (from the flying trainer at Krasus Landing in Dalaran). You can then fly into the city on your own flying mount. You can only fly out from certain parts of the city, such as Krasus Landing.

Dalaran Fishing

Map of Dalaran

Dalaran is a neutral city, where "sanctuary" rules prevent Horde and Alliance attacking one another. Like the big cities of Azeroth, you can rest (gain the rested experience bonus) while fishing in Dalaran.

The waters of Dalaran require 430 effective fishing skill to cast, 525 to stop fish getting away. Anglers with 375 skill should improve their skill elsewhere before fishing in Dalaran - unless you have a lot of gear and are prepared to use the best lures.

There are 3 different areas of open water, each with unique catches. These areas are marked on the map, right:

  • The Underbelly - The sewers beneath the city contain a lot of water, most of which can be fished. There are 2 ramped entrances to the Underbelly from the surface level of Dalaran (shown on the map), plus a magic well (which will teleport you into the sewers) and a tunnel which can be used by those flying into the city on their own flying mount.
  • Outside the Violet Hold - The waters in front of Dalaran's prison dungeon, The Violet Hold.
  • The Eventide Fountain - The fountain next to the fishing trainer, in The Eventide district of the city. As the Bent Fishing Hook prove, this is physically tricky to fish in, because the area of water is very small: Position yourself a few steps back from the edge of the fountain, and most casts will land in the water.

There are no pools in Dalaran: All fish are caught from open water.


There are 2 common catches from the Underbelly, Magic Eater and Sewer Carp, plus various vials used by Alchemists, and some rats (detailed below). Sewer Carp can be eaten raw as food, but gives no buff. Magic Eater is more interesting:

Magic Eater
  • Magic Eater
  • Eaten raw: Restores 13200 health, requires level 70.
  • Gives a buff: Randomly either "Wild Magic" or "Well Fed":
    • Wild Magic buff turns you into a basilisk, locust, whelp, or whisp, and prevents you casting or attacking for 1 minute.
    • Well Fed buff gives +30 Stamina for 1 hour, plus randomly one of: +60 Attack Power, +30 Critical Rating, +30 Haste Rating, +12 MP5, or +35 Spell Power.

The buff is random, however if you gain Wild Magic you can continue to eat further fish. So if you are prepared to eat a lot of fish, you will eventually gain a useful buff! There is a better chance of gaining Well Fed than Wild Magic. These buffs are not as good as the best cooked fish food, but Magic Eater are easy to catch and do not need to be cooked.

The table below lists the chance of catching each fish from the Underbelly:

Dalaran Underbelly Catches
FishSample CatchesPercentage of all Catches
Crystal Vial20.3%
Drowned Rat233.9%
Empty Vial427.0%
Enchanted Vial10.2%
Giant Sewer Rat10.2%
Imbued Vial10.2%
Leaded Vial91.5%
Magic Eater17128.7%
Partially Eaten Fish223.7%
Sewer Carp32454.4%

Giant Sewer Rat

Giant Sewer Rat

Keen anglers will notice that rats keep falling into the water of the Underbelly, and that something is eating the fish. That something is a Giant Sewer Rat!

Giant Sewer Rat
  • Giant Sewer Rat
  • Binds when picked up.
  • Minipet: Teaches you how to summon a Giant Sewer Rat (pictured right).
Giant Sewer Rat Looting

Once caught, the Giant Sewer Rat will follow you as a minipet (non-combat pet). The rat is rather large: Almost as large as me!

The pet binds to the angler when caught, so like Mr. Pinchy's Magical Crawdad, only the angler can gain this minipet. This also means a confirmation dialogue will appear when the pet is caught: Be very careful when auto-looting and recasting.

Catching the Giant Sewer Rat awards the achievement, "I Smell A Giant Rat".

This is a rare catch: I caught almost 600 fish, Stephenn caught 300, another angler caught the Giant Sewer Rat after just 5 catches, and others are still trying... The catch rate seems similar to Mr. Pinchy, with 2 important differences: The Giant Sewer Rat is caught from open water, which is easier to fish than Highland Mixed Schools. Catching the Giant Sewer Rat guarantees gaining the pet - catching Mr. Pinchy only gives a chance of gaining a Magical Crawdad pet.

Good luck!

Underbelly Elixir

Down in the Underbelly you will rarely find green jars on the ground labelled "Underbelly Elixir". These can be picked up and drunk.

Underbelly Elixir
  • Underbelly Elixir
  • Binds when picked up (no confirmation).
  • Use: You sure about this? This elixir only works in the City of Dalaran.

Drinking the elixir will normally either make you see all the residents of Dalaran in wizard robes, or transform you into a flying wasp.

However, sometimes you will be transformed into a "Hungry Tuskarr". This gives a +50 fishing skill bonus for 10 minutes. This +50 bonus stacks with gear and lures: It is now possible to gain over +200 to your personal fishing skill, but only in Dalaran. Underbelly Elixir are also rare, and most do not give this buff.

Outside the Violet Hold

The waters outside the Violet Hold mostly contain Shimmering Minnow and Slippery Eel. Both these fish can be eaten raw. Shimmering Minnow simply restores health. Slippery Eel also gives a buff to your Dodge Rating:

Slippery Eel
  • Slippery Eel
  • Eaten raw: Restores 13200 health, requires level 70.
  • Buff: +30 Dodge Rating for 1 hour.

To help you fish, 2 alcoholic beverages can be caught. The more you drink, the longer you will spend arguing what the difference is between them: Half Empty Bottle of Prison Moonshine and Half Full Bottle of Prison Moonshine...

The table below lists the chance of catching each fish outside the Violet Hold:

Dalaran Outside Violet Hold Catches
FishSample CatchesPercentage of all Catches
Bloodied Prison Shank71.3%
Half Empty Bottle of Prison Moonshine254.8%
Half Full Bottle of Prison Moonshine377.1%
Partially Rusted File244.6%
Rusty Prison Key20.4%
Shimmering Minnow30558.4%
Slippery Eel12223.4%

Bloodied Prison Shank and Partially Rusted File are junk items - although the Shank sells for several gold.

Rusted Prisoner's Footlocker

Rusted Prisoner's Footlocker

Very rarely you will catch a Rusty Prison Key from the water outside the Violet Hold:

Rusty Prison Key
  • Rusty Prison Key
  • Binds when picked up (no confirmation dialogue).
  • "Resembles a key used to open underwater treasure chests..."

The Rusty Prison Key will be placed on your keyring. This key can then be used to open the nearby Rusted Prisoner's Footlocker. The footlocker is found under the water, in one of the caged areas, just below the entrance to the Violet Hold (pictured right). Opening the footlocker will destroy the key. However, you can catch many keys, and each one will open a fresh footlocker: The Rusted Prisoner's Footlocker reappears in the same place after a few seconds.

The Rusted Prisoner's Footlocker contains some rare quality weapons or armor, potions, and other items, such as Crude Eating Utensils - "There is no spoon."

Eventide Fountain

Dalaran's Eventide Fountain

Many races, even gnomes, have a tradition of throwing coins into fountains and making wishes. Dalaran's Eventide fountain has existed a very long time. Over that history, many very famous people have thrown coins into the fountain and made a wish.

Anglers can fish in the fountain. Alongside Fountain Goldfish (which can be eaten raw, if you are very hungry) and Bent Fishing Hook (which cannot be used), anglers will find coins!

There are 3 grades of coin: Copper, Silver and Gold. Each coin caught from the fountain bares the name of the person that threw the coin into the water, and an inscription of their wish. For example:

Copper Coin

Everyone from Dornaa to Arthas has made a wish: Anglers that study the history of Azeroth will find some of these coins very interesting (I will not describe them all here).

These Copper and Silver coins are special items that cannot be used as money. However, they can be sold to vendors for more than their face value - up to a few silver. Gold Coins have a special use:

Gold Coin
  • Gold Coin
  • Binds when picked up (no confirmation dialogue).
  • Use: Throw this coin back into the Dalaran fountain.

Throwing the Gold Coin back into the fountain gives a buff called "Lucky". This increases the chance catching coins in the fountain for 2 minutes. As the table below shows, the chance of catching a coin (of any type) approximately doubles when Lucky.

Dalaran Eventide Fountain Catches
FishWithout Lucky BuffWith Lucky Buff
Sample CatchesPercentage of all CatchesSample CatchesPercentage of all Catches
Bent Fishing Hook275.6%164.8%
Copper Coin6313.0%9227.5%
Fountain Goldfish32467.1%13741.0%
Gold Coin306.2%339.9%
Silver Coin398.1%5616.8%

There are 4 achievements for catching coins:

  • A Penny For Your Thoughts - Fish up all the Copper Coins.
  • Silver in the City - Fish up all the Silver Coins.
  • There's Gold In That There Fountain - Fish up all the Gold Coins.
  • The Coin Master - Complete these fishing achievements: A Penny For Your Thoughts, Silver in the City, and There's Gold In That There Fountain. Awards the Titanium Seal of Dalaran (a coin you can flip - thanks Baiya).

The achievements, and the interesting history the coins reveal are the only known reasons to fish in the fountain. The coins can be sold, but Northrend anglers will make more money from fish that can be sold at auction. No special rare catch has been found (yet).

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There will be some new achievements for anglers. And a title for extreme anglers...

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