Equipment - El's Extreme Anglin' - WoW Fishing Guide

The equipment chapter describes gear, consumables and enhancements that can be used to bolster your fishing skills, or help you fish. A simple illustrated introduction to equipment can be found in the getting started chapter. In this chapter:

Looking for an illustrated introduction to equipment? Read an introduction in the getting started section »

At the time of writing, the absolute maximum achievable fishing skill (from personal skill, lures and gear) is 537 if you have won the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. Without winning the contest the maximum skill is 527 for Horde and 522 for Alliance. The hardest fishing waters require an effective skill of 500. This means to fish everywhere efficiently (without get-aways) you will need some equipment that gives a bonus to fishing skill, but you do not need everything listed in this chapter.