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What's not in the Fish Finder

Can't find what you're looking for? These "fish" are not included:

  • Random loot (armor and weapons).
  • Fish that can't be caught by fishing.

The seas (oceans) are not individually listed: The fish caught are simply the same as the zone you are closest to.

Information explained

  • Map pins: Most entries contain a map of Azeroth (and Outland). A series of yellow pins have been used to highlight the areas where fish can be caught. Groups of pins can be toggled on and off in the table below the map, to show areas matching specific criteria (skill and/or pool/water type). Where fish can only be caught from specific named locations within zones, it may be helpful to refer to detailed zone maps listed under "other tomes". ((Maps require Javascript and a modern browser.))
  • Skill: Two skills are listed:
    1. Minimum skill to cast.
    2. Minimum skill at which fish will no longer "get away".
    Skill is your basic professional fishing skill, plus any bonuses from gear, plus any bonuses from lures. As explained in the The Role of Skill topic, if your skill is less than the base skill of the area plus 95, a proportion of your fish will escape before you can reel them in.
  • Areas: Areas are summarised as concisely as possible. Where fish can be caught across the zone (as is common), just the zone name will be shown. Where the zone contains areas with different skill or catch rates, details are shown in brackets.
  • Time: Some fish (mostly those in level 45-60 zones) are easier to catch at certain times of day. Some fish can only be caught at certain times of day.
  • Quest: Some fish can only be caught when the angler has a specific quest on their log.
  • Commentary and guides: Where fish are commonly sought, I have included recommendations on how to catch them. In some cases full guides are provided.
  • Value: Approximate auction house prices are listed for commonly sold items. These prices do vary, so use them as a guide only.

Why Azeroth needs another list of fresh fish

There are three popular sources of information about fish (and other items, quests, people, and so on): The Book of Thott, Allakhazam's Magical Guide and Wow... a Head. All these suffer from three and two half limitations:

  1. The difference between pools and open water: None records whether a fish was caught from open water or a pool. Where fish can be caught from both in the same area, the catch rates listed become wildly inaccurate. Where they can be caught from only one, the angler has no way to know where to fish.
  2. Not stating what fishing skill is required: Knowing that one zone has a slightly better catch rate than another is often less important than knowing that half your fish get away in one, but not the other. ((This is more of a flaw with the game itself, which doesn't clearly show what skill is needed.))
  3. Variation by time of day: Even now, nobody is entirely sure which fish vary by time of day and which do not. Catches from hour to hour are so variable, that a huge amount of experimentation is needed to be sure. Yet those that do vary greatly are important to know: How many people have cursed the moonlit skies after failing to catch a single Raw Sunscale Salmon with the words "but it says 12%"?
  4. Listing of catches by zone or local area:
    • Thott favours detail, and lists every named location in every zone. The result is that some lists run to 3 or more pages, which are very hard to digest.
    • Allakhazam favours listing just the name of the location, without the zone. It fits neatly on the page, but most places won't be known to most citizens of Azeroth, so how helpful really is it?
    • Wowhead simplifies things by only listing zones, and instead provides maps to show areas within zones where catches have occurred. This appears to work well, but doesn't give accurate catch rates: Both inland and coastal areas are treated as the same location (when they almost always have completely different fish). A good example of this is Dustwallow Marsh. The 2% figure shown for Raw Mithril Head Trout will be read by most as "2% of your catches in this zone will be Raw Mithril Head Trout". Yet this will only be the case if you spend 95% of your time fishing the salt water where Raw Mithril Head Trout can't be caught (like their data collectors have). And finer detail, like differences in catch rate for Stonescale Eel between different parts of Azshara, are completely lost. Of course sources such as Thott also contain inaccurate catch rates, particularly where catches vary by time of day or water type. However Thott remains a lot more accurate.
  5. Comments... As informative as some comments are, most commented information isn't well structured, or easy to find and compare.

The Fish Finder doesn't have the breath of coverage of those three sources, nor their constant updating of information from many different anglers. But I hope it addresses most of the issues listed above:

  • Entries are clearly listed by pool or water type, so you can immediately see what you need to fish.
  • Entries are further split by skill, so those with weaker skills can select easier waters.
  • Where I know the catch rate varies dramatically by time of day, this is stated.
  • Locations are listed as concisely as possible: At zone level where catches are the same throughout, or at more detailed level if appropriate. In addition, locations are shown on a world map, so you can see at a glance where in the world fish can be caught.
  • Lastly, comment-type information has been distilled down into what I think really needs to be known.

Search Plugin

If you are using Firefox 2+ or Internet Explorer 7+ as your web browser, you can add a search plugin for the Fish Finder. You'll find an option to add it next to your browser's top-right search box, as shown in the pictures below.

Search Plugin Installation - Firefox 2 (left) and Internet Explorer 7 (right)
Installation of Fish Finder Plugin on Firefox 2. Installation of Fish Finder Plugin on Internet Explorer 7.

The Fish Finder will always try and display the most relevant page - hopefully the fish you were looking for!

Catch Rates

Approximate catch rates are now listed for all fish, for each location and water type. The catch rate is the percentage of all successful casts at the location/water type that will be the named fish. For example, a catch rate of 50% for Raw Brilliant Smallfish would mean that, on average, half of all catches would be Smallfish.

Quest-only fish are not included in the catch percentages. Since the Fish Finder does not include all items (for example, random loot gained from inland fishing in Azeroth), the total percentages rarely sum to 100%. The aim is to give an approximate indication of the catch rate in different areas, not a mathematically perfect summary.

Catch rates are drawn from several sources:

  • Direct samples, often explained by articles elsewhere on El's Extreme Anglin'. Samples are typically drawn from one zone and applied directly to zones known to contain similar catches. It is common for a single sample to be applied across many zones.
  • Intelligent analysis of the Book of Thott. Data is not copied directly. Adjustments are made to remove the influence of quest-only catches and catches from pools on Thott's catch rates.

I believe the catch rates in the Fish Finder provide a better summary than sources that capture information from many anglers automatically. It is notoriously difficult for automated data gathering tools to record whether a catch came from a pool or open water, or indeed what location the catch came from ((the relevant area is where the bobber lands, not where the angler is standing)). These tools gather information about a lot more catches, but cannot organise it in any meaningful way.


The main sources for locations and skill are:

  • Gazetteer - This topic develops a simple gazetteer that shows which fish may be caught in which zones.
  • Zone Base Fishing Skill - This topic attempts to answer the question, what fishing skill will I need to fish in a certain zone?

Information has also been collected from databases and documents listed towards the bottom of each entry. Some of the catch rate and time-of-day information is taken from my unpublished experiments.


Need an easy to remember URL? You can jump straight to the front page by typing in wowfishfinder.com.

Comment on Pages

The comments shown about each fish are taken from El's Fishing Forum. To create a comment, post in the Fishing Forum with either the fish name as the title of the post, or tag the post with the fish name, or post a reply to an existing topic about the fish. To edit or delete a comment, alter the relevant topic in the Fishing Forum. The Fish Finder page should be updated immediately, although in a few rare cases changes may not appear until the next day. Changes can always be forced by editing a post on the topic.

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