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This page summarises how to catch Big-mouth Clam.

Big-mouth Clam

About Big-mouth Clam

Contents: Zesty Clam Meat. Rarely also Black Pearl, Golden Pearl, Iridescent Pearl and Small Lustrous Pearl.


  • Cooking: Zesty Clam Meat makes Undermine Clam Chowder (restores 1392 health over 30 sec, requires Level 35). Zesty Clam Meat is also required for the Cooking Artisan quest Clamlette Surprise.
  • Other Professions: Pearls are used by Blacksmiths, Enchanters, Jewelcrafters and Leatherworkers.

Vendor Value: 46c (but 50c for the Zesty Clam Meat inside alone).

Auction Value: Pearls may sell at auction. Golden Pearls were valuable until the appearance of Jaggal Clam in Outland. Golden Pearls are now worth less than 2g.

Catching Big-mouth Clam

Detailed mapping of hard to find areas is shown below.

Time: Cannot be caught 00:00-06:00, except in the Bay of Storms area of Azshara.

Commentary: Up to about 10% of the catch from open water will be Big-mouth Clam. In contrast, about a third of appropriate level naga-like monsters drop Big-mouth Clams on death. This makes killing monsters a far quicker way of gathering clams than fishing. All Big-mouth Clams contain Zesty Clam Meat, but few contain pearls. Less than 1 in 100 will contain a Golden Pearl: On average, over 1000 catches per Golden Pearl.

Where to catch Big-mouth Clam
Water/pool typeMinimum skillAreasCatch RateCommonly caught fish
To castTo avoid get aways% of CatchSource
Open Water - Coastal2053000-12% [1]Sample: 2848.
3304256-12% [2]Sample: 857.
  1. Best catch rate 12:00-18:00.
  2. Best catch rate 00:00-06:00.

The catch rate is the approximate proportion of all catches in the area from the water/pool type that are the named fish.

Detailed Mapping

Map: Bay of Storms. Map: Jaguero Isle.

Other Tomes

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