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This page lists cooked fish foods that give buffs - temporary bonuses to attributes.

For more information about buff food, read the chapter Valuable Fish »
To avoid confusion, Wrath of the Lich King buff foods are not yet shown on this page. Please refer to WotLK Fish »

Cooked Fish Foods That Give Buffs

FoodLevel (to eat)Duration (min)BuffFish
AgilityHealHealth per 5 secMana per 5 secSpell DmgSpiritStaminaOther
Blackened Sporefish5530---8--20-Zangarian Sporefish
Broiled Bloodfin5530-------8 Resistance (all magic schools).Bloodfin Catfish
Cooked Glossy Mightfish3510------10-Raw Glossy Mightfish
Feltail Delight5530-----2020-Spotted Feltail
Fisherman's Feast6530-----2030-Huge Spotted Feltail
Golden Fish Sticks5530-44---20--Golden Darter
Grilled Mudfish553020----20--Figluster's Mudfish
Grilled Squid351010-------Winter Squid
Hot Smoked Bass3510-----10--Raw Summer Bass
Mightfish Steak4510------10-Large Raw Mightfish
Nightfin Soup3510---8----Raw Nightfin Snapper
Poached Bluefish5530----2320--Icefin Bluefish
Poached Sunscale Salmon3510--6-----Raw Sunscale Salmon
Sagefish Delight3015---6----Raw Greater Sagefish
Savory Deviate Delight-60-------Pirate or Ninja.Deviate Fish
Skullfish Soup6530-----20-20 Spell Critical Strike.Crescent-Tail Skullfish
Smoked Sagefish1015---3----Raw Sagefish
Spicy Crawdad5530-----2030-Furious Crawdad
Stormchops5530-------Lightning zaps.Lightning Eel
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