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This pages summarises the fish that can be caught in Darkshore.

About Darkshore

Skill Required: 1 to cast, 75 to stop fish getting away.

Recommended Level: 10-20.

Territory: Alliance.


Quests: For Alliance: Gubber Blump (Auberdine beach) offers the quest The Family and the Fishing Pole. This requires you to fish 6 Darkshore Grouper, and rewards you with the Blump Family Fishing Pole (+3 bonus to fishing skill). Wizbang Cranktoggle offers two fishing-related quests: Gaffer Jacks followed by Electropellers - quests catch 8 Gaffer Jack and 12 Electropeller respectively. These quests are not available to Horde.

Skill Required: 1 to cast, 75 to stop fish getting away.

Catches in Darkshore*
Water/pool typeFishCatch RateNotes
% of CatchSource
Floating Wreckage PoolTightly Sealed Trunk60%Sample: 157.-
Rumsey Rum Light20%Sample: 157.1-3 items per catch.
Stranglekelp20%Sample: 157.1-3 items per catch.
Oily Blackmouth School - CoastalOily Blackmouth80%Sample: 205.-
Rumsey Rum Light5%Sample: 205.1-3 items per catch.
Stranglekelp5%Sample: 205.1-3 items per catch.
Tightly Sealed Trunk5%Sample: 205.-
Open Water - CoastalDarkshore Grouper30%Via Thottbot.-
Raw Rainbow Fin Albacore30%Via Thottbot.-
Raw Slitherskin Mackerel20%Via Thottbot.-
Oily Blackmouth10%Via Thottbot.-
Dented Crate<1%Via Thottbot.-
Message in a Bottle<1%Via Thottbot.-
Small Chest<1%Via Thottbot.-
Gaffer JackQuest only.Only with a quest (details).
Open Water - InlandRaw Longjaw Mud Snapper35%Via Thottbot.-
Darkshore Grouper30%Via Thottbot.-
Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish15%Via Thottbot.-
Raw Brilliant Smallfish10%Via Thottbot.-
17-32 Pound Catfish<1%Via Thottbot.-
Lesser Healing Potion<1%Via Thottbot.-
Lesser Mana Potion<1%Via Thottbot.-
Bloated Mud SnapperInfrequent catch.-
ElectropellerQuest only.Only with a quest (details).
The 1 RingInfrequent catch.-
* Armor and weapons may rarely be caught from inland open water. These are not shown in the table.

The catch rate is the approximate proportion of all catches from the water/pool type that are the named fish.

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These remarks have been written about this subject by El's readers in the forums. Hopefully you will find them useful.

Topic: Fishing on the coast of Darkshore?

  1. By Kylkiluut, on 09 February 2008:

    Has anyone else had problems with the pools north of Auberdine? They all seem too close to the shore and in very shallow water.

    I can't seem to fish any except a very few.

  2. By DarvenTHO, on 10 February 2008:

    I had this problem as well but the one that I found was south of Auberdine. I had heard that some pools around the area were extremely close to the shore. I tried standing in the water a ways from the pool and casting into it, but to no avail. There's my 2 cents...:)

  3. By Torgon, on 11 February 2008:

    The pool spawn areas in Darkshore are very poorly placed, so that sometimes you only get half to a quarter of the pool, and if you are not standing at the right angle (sometimes standing on rocks in the water) you will not be able to hit the pools.

    I once submitted a ticket on this and the GM responding said that Darkshore has "unusually low tides". I thought that was rather humorous.

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