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This pages summarises the fish that can be caught in Elwynn Forest.

About Elwynn Forest

Skill Required: 1 to cast, 25 to stop fish getting away.

Recommended Level: 1-10.

Territory: Alliance.

Elwynn Forest

Notes: The elevated lake on the northern side of Elwynn Forest contained a "School of Fish". The pool contained Peacebloom (thanks Empello). The pool was almost impossible to reach. ((Access is reported to require wall-walking and other exploration techniques sometimes regarded by Blizzard as exploits.))

Skill Required: 1 to cast, 25 to stop fish getting away.

Catches in Elwynn Forest*
Water/pool typeFishCatch RateNotes
% of CatchSource
Open Water - InlandRaw Brilliant Smallfish60%Via Thottbot.-
Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper40%Via Thottbot.-
10-15 Pound Mud Snapper<1%Via Thottbot.-
Minor Healing Potion<1%Via Thottbot.-
Minor Mana Potion<1%Via Thottbot.-
Bloated SmallfishInfrequent catch.-
School of Fish - InlandPeacebloom100%Sample.-
* Armor and weapons may rarely be caught from inland open water. These are not shown in the table.

The catch rate is the approximate proportion of all catches from the water/pool type that are the named fish.

Other Tomes

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  • Pools and Wreckage - This chapter will help you fish among schools and floating debris.


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Topic: School of Fish

  1. By el, on 03 May 2008:

    In the last few weeks, the infamous School of Fish in Elwynn Forest seems to have disappeared. Or moved. Or my realm is suffering from heavy pool-lag. Anyone else noticed it isn't there any more?

  2. By Kahless, on 04 May 2008:

    I fished that school, long ago before they nerfed wall walking.

    Are you still able to get to it or just noticing while flying over?

    EDIT: I just flew over it and I could see it there, though it doesn't show up on the fish finder.

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