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This page summarises how to catch Lightning Eel.

Lightning Eel

About Lightning Eel


  • Quest: Craftsman's Writ - Lightning Eel for the Argent Dawn (30 fish). "These make the best eel rolls in the world," says Packmaster Stonebruiser. The Argent Dawn are a strange bunch.
  • Cooking: Stormchops (charges you with energy, causing lightning to occasionally zap nearby enemies for the next 30 min, requires level 55). The recipe is very rarely contained within the reward for Rokk's daily cooking quests. These quests start on the northern side of Shattrath. You may need to complete many quests before gaining this recipe.

Vendor Value: 10c.

Auction Value: Up to 20s each.

Catching Lightning Eel

Detailed mapping of hard to find areas is shown below.

Notes: May also be rarely found within Bloated Giant Sunfish.

Time: Highest catch rate 12:00-18:00. Very rarely (possibly never in some areas) caught 00:00-06:00. Time variations do not obviously apply to Deadwind Pass or Zul'Aman.

Commentary: With the exception of Deadwind Pass and Zul'Aman, overall catch rates are highest in higher-skilled areas. However time of day is the most important factor: For example, in Winterspring, 20-25% of the catch will be Lightning Eel between 12:00 and 18:00, yet between 00:00 and 06:00 you might never see one. In Deadwind Pass and Zul'Aman only about 4% of the catch from open water will be Lightning Eel, with no clear variation by time of day.


Where to catch Lightning Eel
Water/pool typeMinimum skillAreasCatch RateCommonly caught fish
To castTo avoid get aways% of CatchSource
Open Water - Inland2053000-10% [1]Sample.
3304250-25% [1]Sample: 715.
4%Sample: 929.
  1. Best catch rate 12:00-18:00.

The catch rate is the approximate proportion of all catches in the area from the water/pool type that are the named fish.

Detailed Mapping

Map: Jademir Lake.

Other Tomes

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