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This page lists all zones/areas within Northrend where fish can be caught. It shows the skill required to fish, and the fish that may be caught there. Many of these fish can only be caught from certain types of water/pool within the area, so read about the fish in detail before trying to catch it.

For other continents, see Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and Outland.


AreaMinimum skillCommonly caught fish (from at least some of the water within the area)**
To castTo avoid get aways
Borean Tundra380475
Crystalsong Forest405500
Dalaran (The Eventide)430525
Dalaran (The Underbelly)430525
The Frozen Sea480575
Grizzly Hills380475
Howling Fjord380475
Sholazar Basin430525

**: Quest-only fish and infrequent catches not shown.


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Topic: WotLK: Fishing and Achievements

  1. By Itty, on 24 July 2008:

    As mentioned on the "Achievements" page here at El's Anglin, several (seventeen, to be exact) fishing-related achievements are so far planned for Wrath of the Lich King. Many are not yet finished but will be fleshed out as Beta unfolds.

    I was fortunate enough to be invited to Beta recently and, like any good (obsessed) angler, one of my first acts was to try fishing. Sadly, there are no new "fishable" fish yet in the game. There is a "northern barb fish", which is the objective of a two-part quest where the first part involves literally banging on stuff that looks like seaweed until one of three things pops out: an undead spy, a crab, or the barbed fish. You then get pulled into combat with whatever popped out. It's reminiscent of the Terokkar "Taken in the Night" quest where you have to free people from spider cocoons. In other words, not very fun. It took me a while to do the two-part series and there wasn't even a fun item reward. It was just around 4 or 5 gold per stage.

    As also indicated here on El's Anglin', there's also a Northern Salmon quest fish, but I haven't done that quest yet.

    Going back to achievements, some of the most interesting achievements tie into Burning Crusade. There are two Mr. Pinchy achievements: one for getting his pet, the other for fishing him (or one of thirteen other rare fish). Oddly, the "Mr. Pinchy's Magical Crawdad Box" achievement does not automatically light up the "The Deadliest Catch" achievement, although you obviously need to catch Mr. Pinchy to get his box. I submitted a "bug" suggestion regarding this.

    There is also an achievement relating to the Old Man Barlo fishing quests. If you've done all five of them, this achievement lights up. This achievement was lit up for me immediately upon entering Beta without having to do them all again.

    The most interest achivement of all, though, is connected to the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. There is a "Master Angler of Stranglethorn" achievement but, frustratingly, it does not currently check to see if you've already won the tournament. It did not light up for me, despite me having in my possession and using both of the rewards available from the tournament. There are other achievements in the game that check for possessed items, though. For example, I got a "Feat of Strength" achievement because I have a really old, no longer available, epic mount in my bank. If the game can look for such an item, it can clearly look for others like bind-on-pickup tournament victory items. Hopefully, this will be fixed as Beta progresses. I submitted a suggestion on this, too.

    That's about all there is to report on fishing in WotLK so far. I haven't even found a Grand Master fishing trainer yet, and I don't expect to see one soon. As we all know, fishing is never near the top of the developers' to-do lists, so it will likely be a while before fishing pools and new fish make it into Beta.

    As they do, though, I'll keep you updated.

    Happy fishing!
    Itty, Stormreaver

  2. By Sharina, on 24 July 2008:

    I hope they fix those "bugs" in beta before release.

    I cannot imagine how many people might be frustrated about having their previous wins/achievements not count in the current time. It's kind of a slap in the face to the old school players, who in my opinion, have been very loyal to this game.

    I don't want to have to win it again -- also I think this is unfair to the people who have not won it yet. They may have to compete against other first timers, AND people who are trying to win it again just to get their achievement checked off. :(

  3. By el, on 24 July 2008:

    Thanks for posting, Itty. Glad to see I'm not the only one fishing in the beta! I look forward to further reports.

    I've updated the Wrath of the Lich King pages.

    Interesting that you received the Old Man Barlo achievement retrospectively. El did not, even though she has done them all many times. I assume that "The Deadliest Catch" requires a catch because some of the fish are not bound on pickup, so having them in your inventory means nothing. But that isn't the case for Mr. Pinchy and a few others.

    Tigole (one of the designers) is active on various forums at the moment, giving the impression that Blizzard still haven't finished working on achievements. So maybe we won't all have to win the Booty Bay contest again... It will be interesting to see how many points they award for winning (the current points totals are place-holders only). Personally I think winning the contest is one of the hardest activities in the entire game, particularly on a mature PvP realm. But those that have never tried tend to assume it just requires "fishing" skill, and so is "easy".

    The current beta is still an alpha: Lots of core content missing (quests, zones, professions, abilities, you name it), and minimal server stability (last night Northrend was crashing or hitting 5-minute lag spikes several times each hour).

    Fishing as a profession is essentially not yet implemented. I hope they find time to complete it. In The Burning Crusade nothing fishing-related changed after the start of beta testing. That meant the release version had missing content (Blade's Edge, recipes in new low-level areas, etc) and design flaws (Golden Darter out of balance, broken distribution of fresh/salt-water fish in new low-level areas - which is happening again now in Stormwind, pools that couldn't be fished by those with short legs, and so on).

  4. By Oberweiss, on 24 July 2008:

    Thank you for the updates! Keep them coming. Also, thanks for submitting those suggestions regarding retroactively achieving the fishing contest goal. I already get dirty looks for having won the trinket on my druid. I wouldn't want to make her win a third time; I might be exiled.

  5. By Sharina, on 25 July 2008:

    Those of you who are in the Closed Beta could also make a post regarding the achievement for the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, or any other issues on the Beta forums. Perhaps Blizzard will note the amount of feedback and act accordingly to change/fix things.

    There is already a post being made about the Master Angler issue here:

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