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This page summarises how to catch Old Crafty.

Old Crafty

About Old Crafty

Usage: Equip: Held in off-hand. Gives +5 Stamina bonus.

Vendor Value: 25s.

Catching Old Crafty

Detailed mapping of hard to find areas is shown below.

Notes: "Said to be the craftiest fish in Orgrimmar, it appears he was outsmarted at last." Binds to the angler when caught, so cannot be traded.

Commentary: Rare catch from either area of open water in Orgrimmar. Estimated at less than 1 in 1000 of catches. Binds to the angler when caught, so cannot be traded. It is possible to catch and equip this as low as level 5. The item is still very good at level 19, so recommended for "twink" special mages ((warlocks)), who can attempt to catch it while waiting to be called up to battlegrounds.

Related Achievement: Old Crafty: Catch Old Crafty. For strategies, read the guide to Cross-Faction Fishing.

History: 2.3: Old Crafty first caught.

Where to catch Old Crafty
Water/pool typeMinimum skillAreasCatch RateCommonly caught fish
To castTo avoid get aways% of CatchSource
Open Water - Inland175~Infrequent catch.

~: Approximate value.

The catch rate is the approximate proportion of all catches in the area from the water/pool type that are the named fish.

Detailed Mapping

Orgrimmar Map

Other Tomes

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Topic: Old Crafty!!

  1. By Seine, on 09 September 2008:


  2. By LinkyKeram, on 10 September 2008:

    Grats! This old buggar was a PAIN to catch! As im Alliance [Gnome] and the horde simply wouldnt leave a peacefull fisherman alone! But after lots of trows [And corpse runs] i FINALY got him ! ! !

  3. By Deathxtreme, on 10 September 2008:

    Question for you -

    As an alliance character, where did you try to fish for Old Crafty ? What's the best place to (try) to fish discretely in the horde capital ? I've been thinking of doing that on my character, but the thought of getting only one cast in before dying from merciless guards isn't exactly... inspiring. If I was a horde character, I know I'd get a bunch of water walking pots and fish in the back of the forlorn cavern, but that's just a thought - not sure if it'd work or not.

  4. By Oberweiss, on 10 September 2008:

    There are some tips for cross-faction Ironforge/Orgrimmar fishing in this thread: /forums/topic/old-ironjaw-in-42-min

    Hope this helps. :)

  5. By LinkyKeram, on 10 September 2008:

    What i simply did was to hide in the waterfall yust "Behind" the fishing trainers in Orgrimmar. I got killed some times by this rogue and hunter, but at last they decided to fish WHIT me rather then using me as bait :P

Topic: fishing- old ironjaw, old crafty

  1. By reddrake, on 17 September 2008:

    I posted this in the WoW suggestion forum:

    # Topic Fishing- old crafty, old ironjaw

    Since a lot of people will be getting these obscure fish due to the added achievements, I was thinking it would be cool if they were changed to be one handed instead of specifically offhand items. In that same line of thinking it would be cool if they had some kind of a 2 set bonus proc like, "Chance on hit- target is afflicted with walleye vision."

    Walleye vision would place a debuff on the target that would make all other NPCs and players look like frogs or maybe change that players view to be distorted like its namesake.

    Post some more cool procs these fish could do.

    If you guys think this is cool post your ideas. Thanks!

  2. By Harps, on 09 October 2008:

    took me 4661 casts

    was a real pain to get, but with that salty title coming out. It was worth every second.

  3. By Oberweiss, on 09 October 2008:

    Harps wrote:

    took me 4661 casts
    was a real pain to get, but with that salty title coming out. It was worth every second.

    The Old Crafty and Old Ironjaw catches are not requirements for the Salty title. I thought they were, too, until I re-read El's achievements section.

Topic: Bug with old crafty?

  1. By Teisemanden, on 19 October 2008:

    Okay, so im out fishing after patch 3.0.2 and im fishing in orgrimmar to clean up daily fishing Q.

    Im very excited when i catch the old crafty on first hook, "damn, i must've been lucky". when i then, only 1 hook after the last one, get another old crafy i get suspicious.. a few hooks after.. another crafty. as im writing, i've caught 4 old craftys in what.. 30 minuts?

    Picture: http://img508.imageshack.us/my.php?image=oldcraftyswowgd0.jpg

    So what im asking is; has anyone else caught incredible many craftys?



    Edit: Another crafty caught, makes it 5 craftys in 40 mins
    2nd edit: another one, you do the math

  2. By Faela, on 19 October 2008:

    I've been fishing for Old Crafty for hours and nothing. Perhaps the bug is related to the daily quest? I remember someone else mentioned that they'd caught Crafty with their Baby Crocolisk.

  3. By Teisemanden, on 19 October 2008:

    Could be...

    i will try next time i get Baby Crocolisk daily.

  4. By Zahana, on 20 October 2008:

    I got Crafty in my first cast yesterday as well as the Baby Crocolisk. I got credit for the achievement but was unable to loot him. I didn't not get credit for catching a fish in Org (went back later with a guildie who wanted to run RFC and got it then) The fact that the server was less than 30 seconds from being restarted might have had something to do with it.

  5. By Phillip, on 21 October 2008:

    Hey! I totally had the exact same thing happen to me! I was fishing for my daily in Org (I already had previously fished Old Crafty btw) and I got Old crafty first cast. 15 minutes later and I had 10 Old Craftys. I sent in a ticket to a GM but it never got answered.

Topic: Grrr! He IS crafty!

  1. By Ladoran, on 22 October 2008:

    Hello! So I was fishing in Orgrimmar for about 2 hours last night behind the waterfall. Got a couple green items, some leatherworking plans.... no Crafty. I was bored and about to quit so I went and stood out in the open and fished some more. Strangely enough people just kept running past, no one bothered me. 10 minutes later a little orc comes running up to me and starts to fish next to me. About 7 casts later HE catches Crafty and I see his achievment box pop up!! I /clap and /cheer for him and he /cheer back. We kept fishing for another 10 minutes before I said /bye and left. How frustrating is that!!

  2. By Mitzy, on 22 October 2008:

    Probably everyone who has tried catching Crafty, including me, feels your pain. Too bad on my server the hordies aren't that friendly...

  3. By Warla, on 22 October 2008:

    Took me 22 hours to fish crafty..
    So with 2 hours you just started....

  4. By Trammel, on 23 October 2008:

    Took me 10 hours and close to 3000 cast to catch Old Crafty. Took wife under 400 :(

  5. By becchi, on 24 October 2008:

    17 and a half hours, 2344 catches, killed by hordies 10 times. One Old Crafty. Hurrah!

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