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This page summarises how to catch Old Ironjaw.

Old Ironjaw

About Old Ironjaw

Usage: Equip: Held in off-hand. Gives +5 Stamina bonus.

Vendor Value: 25s.

Catching Old Ironjaw

Notes: "The legendary uncatchable fish of Ironforge. Just holding this scaly old monster makes you feel tough." Binds to the angler when caught, so cannot be traded.

Commentary: Rare catch from open water in Ironforge. Estimated at less than 1 in 1000 of catches. Binds to the angler when caught, so cannot be traded. It is possible to catch and equip this as low as level 5. The item is still very good at level 19, so recommended for "twink" special mages ((warlocks)), who can attempt to catch it while waiting to be called up to battlegrounds.

Related Achievement (requires 3.0): Old Ironjaw: Catch Old Ironjaw.

History: 2.3: Old Ironjaw first caught.

Where to catch Old Ironjaw
Water/pool typeMinimum skillAreasCatch RateCommonly caught fish
To castTo avoid get aways% of CatchSource
Open Water - Inland175~Infrequent catch.

~: Approximate value.

The catch rate is the approximate proportion of all catches in the area from the water/pool type that are the named fish.

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Topic: Catching Old Ironjaw as Horde

  1. By sashid, on 10 March 2008:

    Many kudos for this awesome site.

    I wonder if anyone caught Old Ironjaw as a Horde character? Has anyone suggestions on how to keep a low profile in IF while fishing in peace?

  2. By Gihelle, on 10 March 2008:

    Not many people pass through Forlorn Cavern.

    People prefer to level fishing in Stormwind and Warlocks prefer to spec in Ironforge... so I guess you can maintain a low profile there quite easily.

    The only problem would be trying to enter Ironforge. Unlike Orgrimmar, IF has only one entrance...

  3. By sashid, on 10 March 2008:

    Hmm, maybe an Orb of deception will help. ^^
    There are not many uses for this item anyway.

  4. By Oberweiss, on 10 March 2008:

    As horde, I haven't fished in Ironforge yet, but I do plan to at some point.

    I'd think it would be a good idea to fish while /sleeping to keep a lower profile. Your name will still be red, but at least your body won't give you away. Maybe some lazy allies will think you're already dead. :)

    Also, it's a lot easier to enter Ironforge through the Deeprun Tram. I'd recommend mounting up and running through Stormwind (which is surprisingly easy), and then taking the tram to Ironforge.

  5. By gsp8181, on 15 July 2008:

    Now, I'm not saying you need to fish for 30 years or catch every fish in the sea to become a master fisherman. I reckon you just need to be determined - determined enough to sit on your duff for hours at a time, doin' nothin'.

Topic: Old Ironjaw in 42 min

  1. By JTF195, on 04 May 2008:

    So, I decided to fish for Old Ironjaw today for basically the first time...

    I had casually done so before, but didn't really try very hard, and gave up to do other things after a few minutes.

    This time was different though, this time my plan was to stay committed until I caught this elusive beastie.

    42 minutes and 40 seconds later, I see green text, and to my amazement, I've done it... Old Ironjaw is mine!

    Total fish caught: 91

    Next up, Old Crafty!

  2. By Slavaa, on 06 May 2008:

    I've got my Forsaken eyesockets set on Ol' Ironjaw as well, beware Alliance of Blade's Edge, the raid is coming for you.

    P.S. I think I'll leave Crafty for later, he's to crafty for me, and being in my faction's own city, it'd just be too easy.

  3. By Petre, on 07 May 2008:

    I've caught both, and I have to admit that fishing in the orgrimmar will be much easier than fishing in Ironforge. In Orgrimmar you can fish up by the mage/priest trainers out of sight of passersby. Ironforge will be much more difficult. If you're horde, that is.

  4. By Oberweiss, on 07 May 2008:

    For allies fishing in Orgrimmar, you may have an easier time fishing from in the little waterfall (Northwest corner) at the other pond in the Valley of Honor.

    The pond in the Valley of Spirits is where Horde is sent to by using a mage portal or the portal to Orgrimmar in Shattrath. There will be considerably less traffic in the Valley of Honor.

    Additionally, it may help to do your cross-faction city fishing while /sleeping. The lower profile may help hide you, and possibly help you avoid combat altogether if passersby think you're dead already.

    Does anyone have any similar recommendations for fishing in Ironforge?

  5. By Spellbinder, on 08 May 2008:

    I just have to ask to be sure. While fishing after Old Ironjaw i have to fish inside of Ironforge right? Like in that cavern? Theres also a small pond outside mages where they portal. But only inside Ironforge it really says Ironforge on your minimap.

Topic: Old Ironjaw, A Living Legend

  1. By Slavaa, on 10 May 2008:

    I hope you like this story on the origins of Old Ironjaw, and Slavaa's mad anglin' skills

    Well, after finding, anglin' and catching Old Ironjaw, I downed a few celeberatory beersh *hic*, but you may be wondering: how did I come to get in there, well, it's a story that needs to be told, so tell I shall.

    There I was, standing in the orcish city of Orgrimmar one day, thinking “Well, I’ve helped Old man Barlo, the Shattered Sun Offensive, The Scyers, and the Frostwolves today, killed all sorts of monsters and humans alike, what else is there to do?”so I found myself walking, blinking and teleporting toward the tavern, where there are always adventures to be found.

    Fully expecting to hear of monsters raising the countryside, demons killing the soldiers, and Alliance plans of attack, I entered the Tavern.

    I, Slavaa of the Shattered Sun, am very welcome anywhere I go, despite the fact I am living impaired, so I walk up to the barkeep and ask “Are there any new tales being told, and may I have pint to whet my rotting whistle?” “Of course there are Slavaa, but first, and how will you be paying today?” Fulling knowing what these people want I respond “In large amounts, Beer Is On The House!” Which met a resounding cheer from the rest of the bar. “So, of those tales of which you spoke, which is the most heroic and dangerous?” The bartender then spoke to me, of a tale, of a journey, of a legend unlike any of which I had previously heard, this was not one of sword, shield or spell, not primarily anyway, it was of a fish. A fish they call “Old Ironjaw”.

    “Old Ironjaw was born in Stillwater lake in Tirisfal Glades on the continent of Lordaeron, and there he lived for many decades. Until one day, when the Plague struck. A Dwarf, of Blump family descent, who was staying in the area decided to catch one of his final fish, as even in the air he could feel the horrors of the Plague seeking him, he caught one fish. The fish’s jaw was huge and muscular, as tough as iron, and when this dwarf saw that fish, which he named Ironjaw, it gave him the tenacity to carry on.

    Through Trisifal he ran, through Silverpine and through Hillsbrad, through Arathi and the Wetlands, and through Loch Modan, and after the days he spent running, spanning two continents and many territories, he finally arrived at Ironforge in Dun Morogh, he said “I must sho’ this fish ta’ me family in te’ Forlorn Caverns, they’ll be so proud’a me. It’ll be our pride for generations ta’ come.”

    The Blump family was elated to see this fish, it’s massive jaw and power would one day become a family crest. “An’ you lil’ Gubba, I want ye ta’ ‘ave me fishing pole, with which I caught dis’ mighty fish. I hope it gives ye’ good luck.”

    Now of course this fish was an amazing sight, and even though the only time it hit water since it’s catch was the precipitation of the wedlands it was still breathing, the family decided to release it into the pool across from their house, they carved a notch in the Blump Family Fishing Pole for each time it was caught and released again by them, after a rather long time of fishing (their hobby is fishing) only three times was he caught again.

    The family no long remains in Ironforge, but their fish does. And he has taken quite a liking to the area.”
    “Wow” I respond, intrigued. The bartender went on to say that no one allied with orcs had ever laid eyes upon this fish, and from the military precision and defenses of Ironforge makes it seem as if none ever will.

    I am not the type to back down from a challenge, doctor says “Slavaa, I would advise against you seeing your girlfriend again, she ... she has the Undead Plague.” I respond “That sounds like a challenge!” and rush in, but that’s another story for another time. This challenge was unlike any I had ever faced, if I attracted too much attention the army could be called in, and then that would be the end of me. Nonetheless, I back down from no challenge. Ever. Quickly pulling out my map, I deduce the quickest path would be from the Kargath going North, and so I set out.

    With a few words of power, a colossal quantity of concentration and a *pop* I arrive in the Undercity and ride my undead horse the taxi wyvern service with my favourite book: “The Bass and You” reading up the best fish catching stratagems.

    A few chapters later I find myself in a barren wasteland, which is why I brought my map.

    My horse needs no food or rest, it being undead like myself, and therefore I make record time to fifty foot gates of this ultra fortified city. Ironforge.

    The first bit goes rather easily, all the busy bodies go about trading and banking. They don’t even notice me under my heavy robe. I even make my way past a few of the drunker guards. Unfortunatly they sobered up by the time I passed the Mystic Ward, and being extremely well trained, they saw through my clever disguise. This when badly from here, luckily none of the experienced adventurers make their way down here, so the two guards were quickly disposed of and hid under a nearby fruit stand (that gnome’s in for a surprise).

    Using my stealth skill learned from my thieving friend Croaker, I made my way to the Forlorn Cavern, I could nearly smell the massively jawed aquatic creature, he is in for a wake up call.

    Much to my dismay, the hydrated area of the cavern is very near to the urban area, all those angry residents would tear me limb from limb. In blind hope I search my pack for something that would help in this situation, and I just happen to find 2 potions of water walking I received from Old man Barlo after I helped him catch the fish that was stealing his bait.

    17 minutes later, my fishing rod is bending, the line is stretching (I recently replaced it with a spun Truesilver line) and all I’ve pulled up have been Mudsnappers and Smallfish. 19 minutes, still no Ironjaw, and I can feel my feet slipping through the water as the last potion wears off. My feet have almost fallen through, I only have time to catch one last fish. I can only hope. One foot’s fallen through, but this fish is fighting long and hard. If I fall in the water all hope is lost, but this fish is almost here. I pull it up just as I fall under, I see it. But it’s just an inch too far away, conjuring my arcane powers I hit it with a Slow, it’s not going anywhere.

    But just as I believe it shall be mine, the splashing alerts the guards. It’s no use having a prized fish if it must be buried with me. I must cast like I have never cast before. Thinking quickly I begin to cast a teleport spell to the Undercity, but I combine it with my knowledge of area of effect spells... 5... 4... 3... 2... *pop*

    *Sploosh* And with a square decaliter of water and a few flopping fish I successfully teleport to the Undercity, among the fish: Old Ironjaw. This legend of anglin’ history is now mine. Only now do I remember, I wanted to go to Orgrimmar...

    I told you I'd make a Lore/Roleplaying Story of my Old Ironjaw catch

    Tell me if you like it/think it's just a wall of text

  2. By Yohaun, on 12 May 2008:

    I like it! I need to catch Ironjaw myself so thanks for the "tips" ;)

  3. By Spellbinder, on 12 May 2008:

    Awsome, i was there right beside you all the way ;)

  4. By Pierree, on 12 May 2008:

    I loved it, thanks for the nice shot of literature into my otherwise uneventful day.

  5. By Slavaa, on 12 May 2008:

    Thank you for your words of kindness, Maybe i'll post this on the official forums...

Topic: Old Ironjaw

  1. By Schrodinger, on 12 September 2008:

    Well after being very lucky getting Magical Crawdad on my first pinchy (571 Furious crawdads I counted) and Old Crafty in under 50 casts.

    I thought how about getting Ironjaw.

    I finally got fishing buddy, and now on my 1050 cast.

    No luck yet =P

    How long did it take others?

  2. By Schrodinger, on 12 September 2008:

    1500 casts and he is mine ^^

  3. By Periwinkle93084, on 22 September 2008:

    I am horde and it took me 534 Catches(Fish/Items) to wrangle up Old Ironjaw.

    333 - Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper
    107 - Raw Bristle Water Catfish
    89 - Raw Brilliant Smallfish
    2 - 17 Pound Catfish
    1 - Bloated Mud Snapper
    1 - Spellbinder Cloak
    1 - Lesser Mana Potion

  4. By Zahana, on 23 September 2008:

    500+ cast before I finally got him, now to sneak into org and get Crafty

  5. By heraklen, on 26 September 2008:

    Well Im NOT lucky .

    Well above 1500+ casts now , have 3 green items , 4x17 Pound Catfish , 2x19Pound Catfish
    And more than 4x healing pots and manapots but STILL no Ironjaw

    Sneaked into Ironforge, died a couple of times getting to Forlorn cavern but no kills inside the cave , some nice allys have waved and fished with me and much of the fishing have been while they have raced their Brewfest ram's through the cave :-)

    I will not surrender , the elusive one will be mine!!

Topic: fishing- old ironjaw, old crafty

  1. By reddrake, on 17 September 2008:

    I posted this in the WoW suggestion forum:

    # Topic Fishing- old crafty, old ironjaw

    Since a lot of people will be getting these obscure fish due to the added achievements, I was thinking it would be cool if they were changed to be one handed instead of specifically offhand items. In that same line of thinking it would be cool if they had some kind of a 2 set bonus proc like, "Chance on hit- target is afflicted with walleye vision."

    Walleye vision would place a debuff on the target that would make all other NPCs and players look like frogs or maybe change that players view to be distorted like its namesake.

    Post some more cool procs these fish could do.

    If you guys think this is cool post your ideas. Thanks!

  2. By Harps, on 09 October 2008:

    took me 4661 casts

    was a real pain to get, but with that salty title coming out. It was worth every second.

  3. By Oberweiss, on 09 October 2008:

    Harps wrote:

    took me 4661 casts
    was a real pain to get, but with that salty title coming out. It was worth every second.

    The Old Crafty and Old Ironjaw catches are not requirements for the Salty title. I thought they were, too, until I re-read El's achievements section.

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