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This page lists pool/school types. It shows the fish caught in pools, skill required to fish, and locations found.

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PoolCommonly caught fishMinimum skillAreas
To castTo avoid get aways
Abundant Firefin Snapper School (Coastal)130225
Abundant Oily Blackmouth School (Coastal)130225
Bloodsail Wreckage Pool130225
Bluefish School (Inland)380475
Borean Man O' War School (Coastal)380475
Brackish Mixed School (Inland)305400
Deep Sea Monsterbelly School (Coastal)480575
Dragonfin Angelfish School (Inland)380475
Fangtooth Herring School (Inland)380475
Firefin Snapper School (Coastal)130225
Floating Debris Pool175~
Floating Wreckage Pool205300
Glacial Salmon School (Inland)380475
Glassfin Minnow School (Inland)405500
Highland Mixed School (Inland)405500
Imperial Manta Ray School (Coastal)380475
Lesser Oily Blackmouth School (Coastal)175~
Lesser Sagefish School (Inland)175~
Moonglow Cuttlefish School (Coastal)480575
Muddy Churning Water (Inland)330425
Mudfish School (Inland)380475
Musselback Sculpin School (Inland)380475
Nettlefish School (Inland)430525
Oil Spill (Inland)55150
Oily Blackmouth School (Coastal)130225
Patch of Elemental Water (Coastal)330425
Pure Water (Inland)380475
School of Darter (Inland)355450
School of Deviate Fish (Inland)175~
School of Fish (Inland)125~
School of Greater Sagefish (Inland)130225
School of Northern Salmon (Coastal)380475
School of Red Snapper (Coastal)125~
School of Sagefish (Inland)55150
School of Tasty Reef Fish (Coastal)380475
School of Tastyfish (Coastal)130225
Schooner Wreckage Pool55150
Sparse Firefin Snapper School (Coastal)55150
Sparse Oily Blackmouth School (Coastal)55150
Sporefish School (Inland)305400
Steam Pump Flotsam (Inland)305400
Stonescale Eel Swarm (Coastal)130225
Strange Pool (Inland)305400
Teeming Firefin Snapper School (Coastal)205300
Teeming Oily Blackmouth School (Coastal)205300
Waterlogged Wreckage Pool130225

~: Approximate value (value cannot be confirmed for low skills).


These remarks have been written about this subject by El's readers in the forums. Hopefully you will find them useful.

Topic: Fishing on the coast of Darkshore?

  1. By Kylkiluut, on 09 February 2008:

    Has anyone else had problems with the pools north of Auberdine? They all seem too close to the shore and in very shallow water.

    I can't seem to fish any except a very few.

  2. By DarvenTHO, on 10 February 2008:

    I had this problem as well but the one that I found was south of Auberdine. I had heard that some pools around the area were extremely close to the shore. I tried standing in the water a ways from the pool and casting into it, but to no avail. There's my 2 cents...:)

  3. By Torgon, on 11 February 2008:

    The pool spawn areas in Darkshore are very poorly placed, so that sometimes you only get half to a quarter of the pool, and if you are not standing at the right angle (sometimes standing on rocks in the water) you will not be able to hit the pools.

    I once submitted a ticket on this and the GM responding said that Darkshore has "unusually low tides". I thought that was rather humorous.

Topic: pool sparkles

  1. By GormanGhaste, on 17 July 2008:

    Have I just now noticed, or did they add sparkles to fishing nodes in 2.4.3?

  2. By el, on 17 July 2008:

    Interesting. Thanks for posting. I think that's new in 2.4.3. The sparkles appear above the pool. They are best viewed at 90 degrees to the surface, and are easy to miss if you tend to look down onto pools. They only show up with Find Fish active (pool tracking on the minimap).

  3. By hollyd58, on 25 July 2008:

    I just noticed it too, riding down the Booty Bay coast.

  4. By Minju, on 03 August 2008:

    I relied on the slight movement that the bobber does to tell me when to click. The sparkles have added a bit of difficulty to distinguish between the white splash and the large white sparkles that float upwards. Is there any way to make those sparkles small/not as prominent like adjusting spell detail?

  5. By Petre, on 04 August 2008:

    This is probably a long-coming addition due to the changes to the way pools display based on your spell detail settings. Should make them easier to see for people with the settings turned all the way down.

    This also happens for herbalism and mining.

Topic: Addon Question

  1. By Dinde, on 22 July 2008:

    I was wondering if there is an addon that records the location of a pool of fish for later referances such as the Gatherer addon if anyone has any info on this please post a reply

    Thanks, Dinde

  2. By el, on 22 July 2008:

    From memory, this was a feature within Gatherer at one time, but did not work terribly well.

    The problem is technical: When you catch a fish from a pool, only the game server (realm) knows it came from a pool. Your game client (the part installed on your computer) only gets the information that you caught a fish - it doesn't know where the fish came from.

    An addon might be able to analyse the colour of pixels on the screen, but the differences between pools and the surrounding water are so subtle, that it would need to be exceptionally clever. So in practice the only pools that can be tracked are those that contain a completely unique fish, such as Zulian Mudskunk, since those always come from pools.

    I imagine the inability to spot and track pools automatically is partly historic accident (there were no pools for the first year of WoW's release), partly an anti-bot feature (since you cannot easily automate farming what you cannot record electronically).

  3. By Oberweiss, on 22 July 2008:

    IIRC, I use the Gatherer plugin for Cartographer, which does track fishing schools. How it identifies schools is flawed, but it works fairly well for me. I think watches for pool names in your mouseover when you catch something via fishing. I have only had it mis-label open water as a pool once (I was curious as to how it worked, so I was actively trying to make it mis-label at the time), and it usually only takes one catch from the pool to record the school location.

    After installing this mod, you may have to manually enable the fishing part. Let me know if you're having trouble getting it to work. I'll be able to check into my mods and settings more once I get home, if that'll help you.

  4. By Dinde, on 23 July 2008:

    Thank you very much for your information on this subject i will try out the Cartographer and see how it treats me.

    Thanks, Dinde

  5. By Oberweiss, on 23 July 2008:

    I just checked, and the addon I use is Cartographer Fishing. Here's an example of what it looks like. You can filter the kind of nodes that show, as well as adjust the opacity and size of the symbols. There's also an option to show/hide the icons on your minimap.

Topic: Overlaid Pools?

  1. By hollyd58, on 25 July 2008:

    I was fishing the Booty Bay coast and had several instances with both Oilyblackmouth and Firefin pools in the same place. The minimap labeled the @ as both. In one case there were two Firefin pools in the same spot.

    Is this new or have I not noticed it before? It sure is nice. Gives more fish from one location.

  2. By el, on 25 July 2008:

    It is rare, but has been happening for several years in Stranglethorn Vale. It is more obvious now with pool tracking (Find Fish).

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