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This pages summarises the fish that can be caught in Winterspring.

About Winterspring

Skill Required: 330 to cast, 425 to stop fish getting away.

Recommended Level: 55-60.

Territory: Contested.


Skill Required: 330 to cast, 425 to stop fish getting away.

Catches in Winterspring*
Water/pool typeFishCatch RateNotes
% of CatchSource
Open Water - InlandRaw Whitescale Salmon40%Sample: 715.-
Plated Armorfish5-35%Sample: 715.Best catch rate 00:00-06:00.
Raw Nightfin Snapper0-35%Sample: 715.Best catch rate 00:00-06:00.
Raw Sunscale Salmon0-35%Sample: 715.Best catch rate 12:00-18:00.
Lightning Eel0-25%Sample: 715.Best catch rate 12:00-18:00.
Raw Redgill5%Sample: 715.-
15-32 Pound Salmon<1%Via Thottbot.-
Major Healing Potion<1%Via Thottbot.-
Superior Mana Potion<1%Via Thottbot.-
Bloated SalmonInfrequent catch.-
* Armor and weapons may rarely be caught from inland open water. These are not shown in the table.

The catch rate is the approximate proportion of all catches from the water/pool type that are the named fish.

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  • Variation by Time - This topic explores how catch rates for fish vary by time of day.

Below are anglers' comments about Winterspring.

Azshara vs. Winterspring Cooking/Fishing 285-300

  1. KenNashua, February 2009:

    The fishing/cooking leveling guide seems to suggest Azshara is your best bet for getting to 300. However in my experience the drop rate is crummy. Why not instead advise people to head to Winterspring for 50%+ drop rate on Raw Whitescale Salmon for used in the Baked Salmon recipe?

  1. el, February 2009:

    Based on my records: In Azshara Bay of Storms area, Darkclaw Lobster is 45% and Large Raw Mightfish is 5%, making 50% of the catch useful for leveling cooking. In Winterspring, Raw Whitescale Salmon averages only 40%. There are variations by time in both locations, but not for those fish.

    Those percentages are based on large sample sizes (over 700 catches in each area), so I'm fairly confident that Bay of Storms was the best option. I say "was", because I haven't re-checked that for several years.

    But there is a very important reason for avoiding Winterspring: The tunnel! That stage of the guide needs to work from level 35. It's simply not realistic to get a level 35 character into Winterspring without a lot of help. Azshara is much more forgiving.

  2. Petre, February 2009:

    I dunno El, running past all the Naga in Azshara at lvl 35 is still pretty daring.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the Bay of Storms has a much higher fishing requirement than Winterspring. If you're leveling both at the same time you may need to spend some time in Winterspring to get your skill up high enough to fish there. Ignoring skill requirements though, Azshara really is a great place to get those last few cooking points.

  3. el, February 2009:

    Both Azshara Bay of Storms and Winterspring require 330 to cast, 425 to stop fish getting away.

  4. KenNashua, February 2009:

    Hmmm....maybe something has changed. I swam out a ways into Bay of Storms (to make sure I was away from the coast -- locationFu did say I was in Bay of Storms), and I was getting mostly trash fish -- Yellowfin, Rockscale, Firefin, regular Mightfish, Clams. After one lure of time, I had no Darkclaw Lobster or Large Raw Mightfish. Certainly could be bad luck...

  5. Petre, February 2009:

    Guess I should do some fact checking next time! I could have sworn the Bay of Storms was the hardest place to fish in Old Azeroth. >.<

  6. Marlburo, February 2009:

    Might I add that you can only catch a 103 Pound Mightfish/22 Pound Lobster in Azshara......couple bonus points to bay of storms in my book

  7. Gummo, February 2009:

    Azshara is pretty reasonable for a lower level who is patient enough to swim from northern Durotar along the far fatigue edge of the water to get to the bay. I've been fishing in the bay lately, and I have been getting a lot of darkclaw lobster (which sells very well).

  8. GormanGhaste, February 2009:

    I do think Winterspring should be mentioned as an option, at least--many people using the powerlevelling guide are already high level, not to mention the DKs who start out with the Everlook FP. For many higher level players, Winterspring is the faster option, considering travel time.

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