Fishing and Cooking 1-375 Part 2 - El's Extreme Anglin' - WoW Fishing Guide

This page continues the separate Alliance and Horde Fishing and Cooking 1-375 guides. It assumes you have reached fishing skill 300, with cooking skill just over 275, and you are using a fishing pole with at least a +20 bonus to skill. It is highly recommended you read the appropriate first part of the guide before reading this final part!


Juno Dufrain
The order of zones here may seem confusing: We will be fishing in Outland for 30 skill points, without cooking anything. Then return to Azeroth, fish and cook, before finally starting to cook Outland fish.
  1. Travel to Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh.
  2. You will need enough bag or bank space to hold at least 10 stacks of fish. Sell any remaining Azeroth fish you are carrying, and learn the remaining recipes you are carrying.
  3. From Naka ("Cooking Supplies") in the inn, buy Master Cookbook. From Juno Dufrain ("Fishing Supplies", pictured right) by the lake, buy Master Fishing - The Art of Angling, Recipe: Blackened Sporefish, and 40 Bright Baubles. Read the book to learn Master Fishing.
  4. Fish from open water in Umbrafen Lake until your fishing skill reaches 330. Use +75 Bright Baubles. For Alliance (using a +20 pole) there is a very small chance of a fish getting away until skill 305. It will take much longer to gain each skill point than before - at least 10 catches per skill-up. You should catch over 200 Barbed Gill Trout, and about 45 Spotted Feltail and Zangarian Sporefish each.
  5. Store all your Zangarian Sporefish, Spotted Feltail, and any off-hand fish (Enormous Barbed Gill Trout and Huge Spotted Feltail) caught.
Barbed Gill Trout are not required. I know, you've caught 200 of them! Far fewer fish are required to level cooking than you will catch: The main aim here is to skill-up fishing as efficiently as possible, while still catching enough useful fish to skill-up cooking.
If you want to make a little extra gold and waste less casts catching Barbed Gill Trout, fish pools. You will find Brackish Mixed School, Sporefish School and Steam Pump Flotsam around the lake. Only fish pools in Umbrafen Lake and The Lagoon - higher skill is required in other lakes. Pools give a far higher proportion of valuable "fish", plus you have a greater chance of catching Enormous Barbed Gill Trout and Huge Spotted Feltail, which will help cooking after 350. Pool fishing does slow down leveling, because you spend time moving between pools. For an introduction to pool fishing, see Equipment and Pools »


Map: Bay of Storms.
  1. Check you have at least 20 Bright Baubles. Fly to Shattrath City and set your hearthstone in Shattrath.
  2. Alliance should use the portals in the center of the city to travel to Darnassus, then fly to Talrendis Point in Azshara. If you do not have the flight point, fly to Astranaar in Ashenvale, then ride.
  3. Horde should use the portals in the center of the city to travel to Orgrimmar, then fly to Valormok in Azshara.
  4. Ride and swim to the Bay of Storms area (as shown on the map, right). Location is very important. You need to be fishing costal open water that is called "Bay of Storms", "Hetaera's Clutch" or "Scalebeard's Cave". The bobber needs to land in that water with one of those names. Fish this open water until your fishing skill reaches 350. Among other fish, you will catch about 100 Darkclaw Lobster and 10 Large Raw Mightfish.
  5. Hearth back to Shattrath City. It's a long walk if you forgot to set your stone!

Terokkar Forest

  1. Cook your Darkclaw Lobster and Mightfish until cooking skill reaches 300. Read the Master Cookbook you have been carrying, then continue cooking these fish. Your cooking skill should rise to just over 315.
  2. Optional, if you do not reach cooking 310 or you want to make some more gold: Buy recipe for Recipe: Feltail Delight and cook the Feltail you have stored. Horde with neutral or better Mag'har reputation can purchase this recipe in Zabra'jin (Zangarmarsh), Alliance with Kurenai reputation in Orebor Harborage. With unfriendly reputation, buy from the auction house. Feltail Delight may sell at auction for as much as 50s per fish, so you should make about 20 gold here.
  3. Learn the Sporefish recipe, then cook all the Zangarian Sporefish you have stored. Your cooking skill should rise to about 340. Blackened Sporefish will fetch about 1 gold each at auction. You're finally starting to make money from fishing!
  4. Stock up on Bright Baubles if required. These are available from most trade suppliers in Outland.
  5. Alliance should fly to Allerian Stronghold in Terokkar Forest. From Innkeeper Biribi (in the inn, obviously) buy Recipe: Golden Fish Sticks and Recipe: Spicy Crawdad. Learn the first recipe.
  6. Horde should fly to Stonebreaker Hold in Terokkar Forest. From Rungor ("Trade Goods") buy Recipe: Golden Fish Sticks and Recipe: Spicy Crawdad. Learn the first recipe.
  7. Fish open water until your fishing skill reaches 370. Ideally, fish just outside Allerian Stronghold or Stonebreaker Hold. Do not fish from Blackwind Lake, Lake Ere'Noru, Lake Jorune, and Silmyr Lake (the skill required for these is higher). As normal, use +75 Bright Baubles. You should catch about 45 Golden Darter, plus Barbed Gill Trout and Spotted Feltail (which are not required for leveling).
  8. Cook your Darter, taking your cooking skill to about 360. Golden Fish Sticks sell well at auction. Expect at least 50 gold from these.
If all this standing about catching "another Barbed Gill Trout" is boring, try fishing Brackish Mixed School and School of Darter. You will catch far more Golden Darter, but will spend about twice as long leveling fishing skill, because you waste time moving.

Outland Endgame

Map: Map showing the location of the three elevated lakes.
  1. Return to Shattrath City and visit Kylene, the barmaid in the inn on the north-east side of the Lower City. Learn to cook Fisherman's Feast and Hot Buttered Trout (these are trained, not recipes).
  2. Cook all your Enormous Barbed Gill Trout and Huge Spotted Feltail. The other ingredients you need are sold in the market area on the southern side of the Lower City. This may be enough to reach 375 cooking, but probably not. Fisherman's Feast sell particularly well at auction.
  3. Learn the Crawdad recipe you have been carrying. If possible, stock up on +100 lures. Aquadynamic Fish Attractor are not sold in bulk by vendors, but you may be able to purchase stacks of Sharpened Fish Hooks at the auction house. Consider also using Captain Rumsey's Lager for an extra +10 boost, if available. You will also need a flying mount or Druid flight ability.
  4. Fly up to Blackwind Lake, Lake Ere'Noru, and Lake Jorune in Terokkar Forest (map right). Look for Highland Mixed School. Using +100 lures, a few fish will still manage to get away. Fish Highland Mixed Schools until you have caught enough Furious Crawdad to reach cooking skill 375. About 2/3 of the catch from these schools will be Furious Crawdad. Spicy Crawdad also sell well at auction. For a detailed guide, read Catching Furious Crawdad and Mr. Pinchy »
  5. If you reach 375 cooking before 375 fishing, complete fishing in easier waters, where you can fish without get-aways.
If Furious Crawdad prove difficult to catch, consider fishing pools anywhere in Outland: About 4% of the catch from Outland pools are off-hand fish, which can be cooked. Off-hand fish are an inefficient way to level cooking. But if you planned to fish Outland pools after leveling, delaying the final few points of cooking is not a problem: There are not (yet) any recipes that require 375 cooking to learn.

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