[Fishing] Fishing Counts are a mess

  1. Jolt <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    Are any of you guys have trouble with fish caught?

    In the Achievements Summary: It says:

    Fish and other things caught: 662
    Fish caught: 378

    But I've really only been fishing in non-pools, so I know about 95% of the stuff I've caught is really fish.

    I was tracking for the achievement 500 fish. Logged off at 450 fish. Logged back on, and I was at 360 fish. LOL .. things a mess.

    Also, Mr Pinchy seems be be granting unlimited wishes at the moment. He's still on cooldown, but he's not dropping below 3 wishes. :-P

  2. Avatarel <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 2 months ago:

    There's some discussion here and a few other places on the this forum. A lot of catches are not considered "fish". Some are common sense (trunks are not fish), some more confusing (alchemy fish are not fish) and some are outright bugs (Vaughn reported that Winter Squid is not a fish).

    If we can collectively pool research on what catches are counted as fish, and which are not, I'll add that information to the Fish Finder for future reference. It is clearly causing a lot of confusion.

  3. Vaughn <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    Also Deviat Fish don't count as fish.
    I'm quite sure clams don't count either, but I can't confirm 100 %. When I started fishing in Azshara I knew my counter was at 25 fish. I counted everything I caught in Azshara in my inventory and realized I should have gotten the next achievement, but I didn't. After that I kept track of the achievement and realized the squids don't count. Caught some more squids, got fed up and went to Wailing Caverns. Didn't check on the clams again.


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