1. Shircon <Salty>, 2 months ago:

    just read a post on curse from the designer of fishingbuddy....he says it should be out soon,hes just cleaning it up.....lol....im so lazy, i cant fish properly without it...

  2. heraklen <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    There is a beta out now .. haven't tried it yet but supposedly working with most of the stuff


  3. Shircon <Salty>, 2 months ago:

    YAY....its back......woohoo.....

  4. Szarsky <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    Its working.. but is in Beta.. minor Icon problems, but main thing is it now works with easy cast and tracking in Zones...

  5. Szarsky <Angler>, 2 months ago:


    Another update on the buddy of all anglers...

    Still in Beta....
    But great work from the guy updating it.. :)

  6. Zemalf <Salty>, 2 months ago:

    the "beta" version from Curse has worked so far for me. No problems.
    Still the best fishing addon there is.

  7. Balazar <Moderator>, 2 months ago:

    It's also working for me, except the outfitter (that is, can't set a fishing outfit, doesn't auto change outfits). I suspect I have some old data in there mucking things up.


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