[Fishing] How to solo The Deadliest Catch (fishing up Gahz'ranka in ZG)

  1. It is possible to solo fish him up. What I like about him versus the lurker is that it is not an automatic death! Just run up the hill after confirmation of completing the achievement and hearth out.

    1 - After doing the background quest and getting a mudskunk lure from Nat Pagle in Dustwallow Marsh,

    2 - head into ZG and water walk to the Zulian Mudfish pools and fish 5 up (bring a few water walking pots with you--if you can't solo the groups of alligator's that is--because the fish that live there will attack you from time to time (make sure you can solo a level 60 elite fish) and take off the water walking buff.

    3 - after obtaining the 5 fish, water walk to Pagle's Point (just keep following the river north) and apply the lure (you don't have to cast or even have your pole equipped to do this) and congratulations! ... you are now 1 step closer to the Salty title!!!


    1) at level 70 this is easy mode

    2) I had another person that was with me that did NOT recieve the achievement...this might be due to 1 of 2 factors. a) he did not complete the Gahz quest or b) it only goes to the fisherman who actually fished him up.

    3) might as well bring 2 other 70's with you (healer, tank, dps) and farm the Polymorph book :)

    4) While not as detailed as fishing Lurker solo, I thought it would be a good idea to make this post for those who have not done Gahz' at 70 and to validate that this is possible.

  2. By Demosthenes <Angler> 1 week ago

    Confirmed....did the whole thing solo with my Restodrui. You dont even have to aggro the mob.

  3. By Petre <Angler> 1 week ago

    For those who've never been to ZG before: Enter the instance, go down the steps and head straight left avoiding mobs to the waterfall. Mount jump into the lake below, pop water walking and follow the river around collecting the mudskunks from their pools. If you haven't completed the lure quest follow the river all the way around to the NE side where you'll see a tent and a bunch of booze. There's a chest there with the quest item. This is also the location you use to summon the boss.

  4. This is so bugged this achivement.... It is possiable to achive this without ANY fishing skills what so ever... The fish need for the summon are not soulbound.

    1. Fish the fish needed.
    2. Hand over the fish to a friend, which have no fishingskill, but has taken the battered tackle box.
    3. He now summouns the mob... Kazoom.. achivement ^^

    And to add more fun...

    We left the instance, returned an hour later with Szarsky, and was able to get achivment .. even though mob was not there, and first time we did not kill him we just left him.


  5. By Nivmizzet <Angler> 4 days ago

    Thank you for this, i'll be catching this little guy later on tonight :)


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