[Fishing] Mr. Pinchy's Wishes

  1. By Nivmizzet <Angler> 5 days ago

    Mr.Pinchy #2
    Pet :D

    I'll keep this Mr.Pinchy with 2 wishes left just for the heck of it. Too bad we can't buy an aquarium for our rare catches =/

  2. By Adremma <Angler> 5 days ago

    So, here's an odd one.

    Mr. Pinchy #1:
    1: Mr. Pinchy's Gift
    2: Benevolent Mr. Pinchy
    3: Mr. Pinchy's Gift
    ... and 2 charges left.

    I assume, from previous posts, that gifts have in the past counted as charges/wishes used, is this no longer the case?

  3. By Rustkill <Angler> 5 days ago

    Nivmizzet wrote:

    Mr.Pinchy #2
    Pet :D
    I'll keep this Mr.Pinchy with 2 wishes left just for the heck of it. Too bad we can't buy an aquarium for our rare catches =/

    An aquarium would be cool, but probably not likely. But you've made me realise what we do need and would be a realistic addition to the game: Fishing buckets! A special bag for fish, just like enchanting, mining, herbing, gem, soulshard bags!

    So many times I have been fishing and run out of bag space!

  4. By Bojyoko <Angler> 5 days ago

    I caught Mr. Pinchy my first day trying, after about 5 pools.

    Wish 1: Blessing
    Wish 2: Pet
    Wish 3: Blessing

  5. By Yoco <Angler> 5 days ago

    I lost track of what my first pinchy gave me (certainly no pet), but my second one gave:

    1) Furious
    2) Gift
    3) Furious

  6. By Berg <Angler> 4 days ago

    We'll I just hit 70 this morning and got my flying mount. So I promptly went for Mr. Pinchy knowing I didn't have a chance in hell. Actually, as a hunter, I first went out and got my green corehound but I digress. ;-)

    Caught Mr. Pinchy in the first pool on my second cast! Just about fell out of my chair. First wish was the pet! I then promptly fell out of my chair while LMAO! I had a good day today and the server didn't crash either. This proves karma doesn't exist!

    Lol. I know, I'm a lucky SOB. This all happened in one day so I'll update this post after I get granted the last two wishes.


    1. Pet

    Best of luck all,


  7. By Nosajje <Angler> 4 days ago

    1) Benevolent
    2) Benevolent
    3) Pet

    I was first person on my server to get the pet waaaayyy back when. Was glad I got lucky and got pet on final wish, made it more dramatic :)

  8. By Phillip <Angler> 4 days ago


    I still have a charge remaining on Mr. Pinchy so I wonder if I got a super awesome glitched Mr. Pinchy

  9. By Thander <Angler> 4 days ago

    Maybe they upped the drop rate. I happened to be flying over Terrokar and saw two pools on the map. Knowing I wanted the achievement and the pet eventually, I decided to fish the two pools. I got lucky on the second pool with a Mr. Pinchy. It was only the 5th highland school I had fished.

    1. Benevolent
    2. Pet
    3. Pet

    The server crashed and messed up my Mr. Pinchy. It gave me one extra charge.

  10. By Morganna <Angler> 4 days ago

    from my first i got

    1. Furious
    2. Furious
    3. Gift

    waiting on CD on 2nd.


  11. By chablat <Angler> 3 days ago

    4 mr. pinchy's and I got all but the pet :(

  12. By thiealze <Angler> 3 days ago

    Mr. Pinchy #1: Gift, Furious, Gift

    Mr. Pinchy #2: Gift, Benevolent, Furious

    Mr. Pinchy #3: Furious, Benevolent, PET =D

  13. By phrane <Angler> 3 days ago

    As a relatively inexperienced angler I was shocked to catch Mr Pinchy today. My fishing skill was just 354, although I use Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000 and had a sharpened fish hook buff.

    I was doing some Skettis dailies, saw a Highland Mixed Pool and thought I'd try a few casts. At that point I didn't even know about Mr Pinchy! I got him on my first cast.

    He gave me a Benevolent Mr Pinchy.

    When I use the rest of the wishes I'll update this post.

    After reading how much trouble other anglers have had trying to catch Mr Pinchy I realise how amazingly lucky I've been to catch him! It's so exciting!


  14. By Morganna <Angler> 3 days ago

    So I was busily completing my daily fishing task and trying to find the elusive blackfin darter in the dark forrests of Terokkar, sitting there watching the sun go down when suddenly my line picked up the slack and the float submerged. Now I had been reliably informed that you needed to wait until the fish had fully taken the bait down before trying to catch it so wait I did....

    For what seemed like an eternity i sat there but in reality it mush have been only a few seconds, however, when I stuck into the fish the bend in the rod told me that it must have been my target. The water swelled and after a tense battle I had the fish in my net. I was overjoyed at my luck of catching such an elusive fish and could not wait to show the fisherman who first raised my interest.

    On packing up my fishing gear I realised that I still had a lure attached and it had not fallen off during the fight with the darter, wanting to continue my lucky streak I thought I might as well check to see if there were any other fishy looking pools around where I could wet my line.

    On flying high over the trees I peered down to see a bunch of lillies that had visible signs of fish and I quickly headed down there just in case someone see it before me, as is always the way when competition for the best spots is so fierce.

    I quickly took out my rod and had a couple of practice casts until I was happy with the position of my float, getting it right in the middle of the pool. I was fairly confident with my casting and sat back and waited, soon enough the lovely sound of the sploshing of the float was heard and I stuck into the fish.

    Now I have caught many fish (and old skulls) but this fight was not like the rest, it soon became apparent when it got close to the bank that this was indeed a rare catch. Mr Pinchy was his name and just like in the stories he offered me three wishes, now fame and fortune was going to be my first however he said that no matter what I wished for he could not guarantee the outcome.

    So off I went and wished away, at first nothing happened and I though that something must have been wrong, then I noticed a flash of light all around me but still nothing happened although my bag did feel suddenly heavier. On inspection I found a little cage that was definitely not in there before. Mr Pinchy had given me a pet, and what a sight it was, I knew I had never seen anything like it before.

    To this day Mr Pinchy stays with me wherever I go and is always at my side in battle, a man could have not asked for a more loyal pet. He even also seems to enjoy all the fishing that I do, despite me always wondering if I am about to cook one of his family members.

    And so goes the story of how Morganna got his most loyal of pets.

  15. By Vicenti <Angler> 3 days ago

    After fishing the highland pools for around 4 months, I finally bagged me a Pinchy, the result was:

    Mr. Pinchy 1: Blessing, Gift, Pet

    As a complete guestimate I would say it took somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 casts before Mr Pinchy showed his face. Whatever the true figure, it was well worth the wait to get that Magical Crawdad from my first Pinchy :-)

  16. By Walnut <Angler> 2 days ago

    Got my pinchy a min ago!

    Mr. Pincy 1: Furious, Furious

    to be continued in 2 days.. :)

  17. By Sore <Angler> 2 days ago

    I got Mr. Pinchy a couple days ago on my first day of really farming for him. It only took about 10 pools for me to catch him...and the FIRST wish I got from him was the pet. So I guess I got extremely lucky.

    Although it looks like several people on the forum have stated they have gotten Mr. Pinchy pretty fast...so maybe Blizz upped the drop rate of him? Who knows. Good luck to everyone tryin to get this guy!

  18. By Balazar <Moderator> 2 days ago

    Updated my previous post with the 3rd wish info.

  19. By Growler <Angler> 1 day ago

    I caught my first Mr Pinchy after fishing the pools for about 2 months.

    Lucky me, I get:-

    Wish 1 - Furious Mr Pinchy

    Wish 2 - Benevolent Mr Pinchy

    Wish 3 - Furious Mr Pinchy

    This makes me a sad panda :(

  20. I have fished up mr pinchy a total of four times now. All of my charges have been furious and benevolent mr pinchies, as well as the occasional blessing and gift.

    I have one charge left on my 4th pinchy... keeping my fingers crossed!

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