[Fishing] Old Crafty!!

  1. By Nivmizzet <Angler> 4 days ago

    The place i found best was where the first aid trainer is at (or where hordies port from shat too ogrimaar). Just go behind the building where you get some good line of sight coverage, and fish lying down, oddly enough it makes you seem less threatening. Also, don't forget to grab some elixirs of camouflage because if people don't see you, there's a chance a hunter with track humanoid will find you.

    As for me, I fished in ogrimaar for about 6 hours total, through 3 days, and I didn't catch Old Crafty :(. In the end after getting ganked numerous times, i decided to tackle this fish another time. Hopefully I'll have better luck next time.

  2. Got this grim fish after 1 corpse runs "guards" and 1 hour 37 min.. catch nr. 247

    No horde what so ever bothered me, some even wished me luck :)
    I retaliated with a smile and a wave..

    Best time seems early in the morning..

    Used pots of lesser invisibility to get past first guards at main entrance, then my invis spell.
    Got ganked by some guards near an horde inn.
    Resurrected safe and mounted and ran for it...I was able to jump upon stone near waterfall in Valley of honor and lost agg on guards. ^^

    used Camuflage potion.. which I really didnt need..

    Good luck to others.

    Repair Bill 1 gold 35 silver 3 copper

    For those who dont want a repair bill.. run naked.. and watch the horde scream ^^

  3. By Zemalf <Angler> 3 days ago

    This is how I did it with my Dwarven Priest (didn't use any invisibility or camouflage, but those will help a lot):

    Went near the Orgrimmar western gate (in the Barrens). Removed all gear. Ride/ran through the western gate. Got killed by the guards after getting inside (invisiblity probably gets you though unnoticed).

    Ghost-ran back. Resurrected as far as possible from the corpse towards the Valley of Spirits, no aggro from guards. Ride to Valley of Spirits (hugging the right wall). Did the /sleep trick and fished for 20 minutes or so. Then got killed.

    After running back, hid behind/between the tree & rock on southern end of the Valley of Spirits (tree & rock being between the huts of Priest Trainer and Mage Trainer). In this spot one can't be seen (I think), unless someone runs around the edges looking for alliance anglers.

    Continued fishing, about 1.5 hour before got ganked again as someone "cleared enemy anglers". Ran back, and logged off. Came back early this morning when server was quiet. Fished for about 30 minutes or so without many Hordies around, and got the Old Crafty. Approx. 250 fish from Orgrimmar (no fish tracker).

  4. By denzeli <Angler> 3 days ago

    got Crafty under 50 throws this morning, and the ironforge counterpart with a bit over 100 throws few minutes ago :D

  5. By Zahana <Angler> 3 days ago

    Ran into Org yesterday morning since it was early and not alot of horde were around and the daily was Crockolisk. As I'm making my way there, they decided to do a rolling restart of the server. Get to Org with <1 min left, first cast get Crafty and the Baby Crock. I got credit for the achievement, but the restart happened. No Crafty in my bag, and no credit for fishing in Org for the Fishing Diplomat :(

  6. Caught mine after:

    421 Longjaw Mud Snappers
    157 Bristle Whisker Catfish
    114 Brilliant Smallfish
    2 19-Pound Catfish
    1 17-Pound Catfish

    Got the 500 Fish! Achievement on the way... Huzzah. Horde were mostly tolerant of my Night Elf rogue fishing, though I did have to vanish and log out for a bit due to one Orc Rogue who was determined to mess with me. Most of them /wave'd and /hug'ged me.

  7. By finegas <Angler> 3 days ago

    Ok well this might seem a little crazy but i swear its true.
    Was doing my daily in Org today to catch that slippery baby croc and the fisherman I was standing to all of a sudden completed his achievement for catching old crafty. Now I'm a seasoned fisherman who has completed most of the non wrath fishing achievements and yet old crafty has still alluded me. So i whispered and congratulated him and with in a few casts i myself landed old crafty. However the story does not end there, within a matter of about 10min i had caught not just one old crafty, not two, not even three but four old craftys! I am beyond amazed at my luck at the moment if anything I should be driving to Vegas and cash in on this new found luck.

  8. By Ranuii <Angler> 2 days ago

    I don't think I have been so lucky with drops in the Extravaganza and fishing daylies, but with Old crafty and Old Ironjaw I have been very lucky.
    Got my old Ironjaw in 30 catch, and Old crafty in 44 catch. So I didn't thought that they were so hard to get.

  9. By Walnut <Angler> 2 days ago

    I got mine 1 week before the patch, when leveling fishing 0-200 in Ogrimmar! I was close to delete him from my bags since I didn't thought or knew much about the loot but then a guildie told me it was a rare catch and I was like.. hm mkay and threw it in the bank :)

    The achivement was already completed when the new patch went live!

  10. By Odieke <Angler> 1 day ago

    After almost 7 hours and 1200+ casts, still no Old Crafty...

    As an alliance it was still easy to come to Valley of Spirits. I just ran in trough main gate, and run. Died once cause i didn't knew the way and was making circles. ran back and explored the way as ghost. Now fishing under mage trainer.

    So far only killed once by horde.

    but getting out of patience atm. I wonder if it drops today (wednesday). Sigh, Lake in Valley of Spirits is getting rly empty.

  11. By Ladoran <Angler> 1 day ago

    Yeah, after work I'll be heading back to Orgrimmar. Will take up my perch next to the waterfall and try again for a couple hours. I'll be glad once it's done.

  12. "Ok well this might seem a little crazy but i swear its true."

    There's a bug with the Crocs in the City quest that almost guarantees you catch Old Crafty.

  13. By Odieke <Angler> 1 day ago

    To test out the post above, i went to shattrath to take the daily fishing. And then all the way back to orgrimmar. The baby crocolisk i had the first catch, but still no Old Crafty. Almost 10 hours fishing now and 1800+ casts. GL to you all

    Edit: over 3100 fish and still no Old Crafty. What's the max casts someone did for it?


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