[Fishing] Old Ironjaw in 42 min

  1. By Amnon <Angler> 1 month ago

    I'd recommend the side entrance, you probably won't run into a single Horde on your way to the water in the Valley of Spirits, if that's where you're planning on fishing. Main gate will inevitably get you some attention, unless you're doing it from about 2AM to 5AM.

  2. By Gummo <Moderator> 1 month ago

    Yes, definitely side. Pre-BC, my 53 mage was able to ride in and lose all aggro and just fish at Spirit Lake for a bit (about 4 AM server time).

  3. By Lir <Angler> 1 week ago

    I almost hate to admit this.. ran in side entrance, was killed by new lvl 75 elite guards, rezzed and went to Valley of Spirits, /sleep, 9 casts, caught Old Crafty. WOOT!

  4. By Lynexis <Angler> 1 week ago

    I wanted to spend a quiet evening pre-3.0.2 to catch Old Ironjaw for the achievement, and to my surprise, I caught him in the 2nd cast... I was very happy about the improbabilty of this happening, but I didn't know what to do with the rest of the evening, so I went to OG, got to the Valley of Spirits behind the little rock, only 3 people spotted me, one was a level 25 priest who tried to smite me an constantly missed and got eventually one-hitted, one was a paladin who ran towards me, waved and left, and one was a rogue who started by saping me a few times, but after I didn't defend myself he just took out his fishing rod and stood beside me for half an hour. Five hours later I went to bed and didn't get Crafty yet :=(

  5. Another idea for fishing stealthily is to turn off any titles you may have. In an enemy player's vision, "Bob of the Shattered Sun" makes a much larger patch of red over your head than just "Bob".

    Temporarily leaving your guild would have a similar effect, if you were willing and the people who'd be inviting you back knew what you were doing.

  6. By Merixx <Angler> 6 days ago

    30 min. and 157 casts later Old Ironjaw was mine:)

  7. By endimion <Angler> 5 days ago

    I'm fishing in IF righttt now. 70 Belf.
    I ran in and died 3 times to get to the forlorn cavern~!
    I can keep a pretty low profile by sitting while fishing.
    Sometimes 70s see me and start attacking me~

    a lot of lowbies swim up to me, right click me and either start attacking or they swim away.

    I'm at 614 casts and still no ironjaw. Boreddd out of my mind. ~_~

  8. By Morganna <Angler> 4 days ago

    finally got old ironjaw today! :)

    A horde fishing in IF is a real pain on my server and had to corpse run so many times it wasn''t funny, I would definitely recommend dying in stormwind then corpse running the tram, get rezzed at the spirit healer south of IF then try to drag yourself in a few a times as possible to forlorn caverns.

    I took over 800 fish to get him if anyone is keeping count.

  9. By rakoth <Angler> 3 days ago

    I was at IF this weekend leveling my fishing skill and hoping that I might catch Old Ironjaw at the same time. There was a level 70 horde there obviously trying to catch Ironjaw as well. I left him alone as did another alliance guy who was fishing. Sure enough, the horde caught him - I knew as soon as it happened by the combination of the achievement glow and the big dance he did.

    He was nice enough to log in a few minutes later with an alliance alt so he could thank us for leaving him alone.

    My quest for Ironjaw continues...at least I'm now at 375 skill.

  10. By Kathane <Angler> 2 days ago

    My troll has been parked in the back of the Forlorn Cavern in IF for about a day or so now. Closing in on the 500 fish mark, multiple ganks, one low level dwarf hunter scared to death when he flagged after casting Hunter's Mark on me (who knew dwarf legs could move that fast?). Still no Ironjaw.

    The run in to Forlorn Cavern took 3 deaths, would have been 2, but some Draenei shammy was fast on the earth shock as I dove into the "ditch" by the bridge.

    Now, to figure out if I can water walk in to Ghaz after I get through this fun :-)

  11. By Jagent <Angler> 2 days ago

    First trip into IF just ended. 300 fish and no Ironjaw. Will go back again tomorrow morning.

  12. By Kattora <Angler> 1 day ago

    It's impossible to fish on Malygos server in Ironforge (I'm Horde). There are always fisherman there... and sometimes they're nice and just fish with me (since we're all there for the same cause...fish) but most of the time they're mean and go out of their way to kill me. I never killed an alliance player fishing in Orgrimmar. I was fishing next to a 70 human warlock the other day in Orgrimmar. It's just fish. T___T

    Where is the fishmen's code!? :P


    *walks off to cry near her dead corpse in Forlorn Cavern corner*

  13. By Jagent <Angler> 1 day ago

    Just parked myself in IF again for the morning. Maybe I'll have some better luck


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