[General] Poll: How did you first discover El's Anglin'?

  1. By LinkyKeram <Angler> 2 weeks ago

    WoWHead. Found a link for this page, it sounded good, and BOY was i right! Best fishing site ever! :D

  2. By Cnirec <Angler> 2 weeks ago

    Hello All, first post if it works, if it does great to be aboard.

    Guess I first came across this site in late '05, if it existed then not sure, and wasn't having any luck obtaining the quest from Nat. I didn't know at the time one couldn't get the quest until level 35 or was it 40 back then?

    Anyway, found it one day while searching for an answer about WOW fishing, Petre might have sent me this direction from the WOW forums or his site?

    If this post posts it's great to see you've added a forum to this site! Yes it's been awhile since I've needed to do much researching about fishing =)

  3. God lead me here

  4. By Shakezula <Angler> 1 week ago

    Through Warcraftpets.com

    Started off looking up info on Mr. Pinchy, but have stayed to read about what's going on in the fishing world.

  5. By Periwinkle93084 <Angler> 6 days ago

    First found this place through Warcraftpets.com when Brian made the following post :

    I came here and visited a lot but didn't realize there were forums then Brian posted again about the new Giant Sewer Rat so again I came and checked around. Finally after viewing the achievements and realizing I was going to need a lot of fishing info I came back and found the forums and registered. (Caught Old Ironjaw - as Horde, working on Old Crafty)

    Also going to make a link for this place on my guilds website.

  6. Google lead me here. I was looking for information about whether anglers with a 450 skill gets the ability to craft a fishing boat (water mount). I saw some guys talk about it in the general chat on the LK beta. Doesn't seem that it exists sadly, but it lead me here. I thought I knew alot about fishing, but now I know what else is out there that I didn't know. Much more to do now!

  7. By Swoosh <Angler> 3 days ago

    Link on Wowwiki


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