[Fishing] PTR vs WoTLK?

  1. By Haalf <Angler> 3 days ago

    I was reading about the the reduction in catches needed per skill point from 1-375 in WotLK. Does anyone know if this is the same on the PTR? I guess what I'm asking is will this be in effect with the patch tomorrow or will we have to wait for the Xpatch?

  2. By el <Nat Pagle's Love Child> 3 days ago

    Gummo confirmed the change on the PTR 2 weeks ago. So, I expect the change to appear on live realms shortly.

    I also assume we will see the pool name changes. I'm still intrigued if there are any differences between "sparse" and "teeming" pools: I checked catch rates briefly on the beta server at the weekend, and nothing had changed.

  3. From what I saw on PTR, Sparse pools have less fish in them (less catches before emptying/disappearing) than teeming pools.

  4. By el <Nat Pagle's Love Child> 2 days ago

    I've just updated the leveling guides based on the information I have (EU realms are still down). I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone wants to go through and check everything makes sense (especially the fishing and cooking guides, which have changed a lot - fishing now levels slightly faster than cooking until mid-Outland).

    (The final 25 points will be re-written next month when WotLK arrives. Although based on the existing beta, traditional power-leveling to 450 won't be possible, because you need to stop and do lots of daily quests before you can the learn recipes - but more on that later...)

    Also, as I wrote in the latest news, I'm very interested in any live fishing-related change. Quite a lot are already on the site, but small changes (like Inscribed Scrollcase scrolls being improved - thanks Gummo) may have been missed.

  5. Nothing stood out to me as being not updated, but you may want to add a note in the Leveling Fishing Fast guide about enabling the "auto loot" option, or point to the Fishing Add Ons section. The time it takes one to loot a fish isn't incredibly long, but it will add up over hundreds of catches.

    Hope this helps.

  6. By Gummo <Moderator> 1 day ago

    The current Inscribed Scrollcase description says "new rank VI scrolls (requiring level 70)," when rank VI scrolls only require level 60 (the scroll's item rank is 70, whatever that means). Also, they aren't exactly "added to" contents, the level VI scrolls replace the old level V scrolls. I still don't know if scribes can make scrolls of protection; if not, that's an odd omission.

    Pool descriptions don't change as fish are taken, do they? If you start fishing out an "abundant" pool, does it eventually change to a "lesser" pool? If not, careful in counting how many catches each type of pool has if you can't be sure someone has previously fished out part of it.

    One other change, pools around Serpent Lake (the lake with the instance) in Zangarmarsh don't seem to be grouped in sets where only 1 will spawn, and fishing it out makes another spawn. They all seem to spawn if you wait long enough. My usual circuit is to loop around most of Serpent Lake and all the pools are there if nobody has been fishing. I haven't tried the other lakes as much, but from flying over the Lagoon to Telredor, its pools do NOT all seem to spawn if you wait. So maybe Serpent Lake is unique.

  7. It looks like the fishing skillup rate on the live servers is the same as it was pre-patch. That is, what we see in beta (and presumably the PTR) did not go live.

  8. By el <Nat Pagle's Love Child> 1 day ago


    I leveled for a few points around 320, and everything was taking 9 or 10 catches. Seems odd that fishing was altered so late: For example, Inscription appears unchanged. I've reverted the training section to the patch 2.4 version, and we'll see what WotLK brings. I'll add in Ober's changes "soon".

    Inscribed Scrollcase will be updated shortly, thanks.

    Pools may now be using the Northrend timing model: An average minimum respawn timer of about 10 minutes (rather than the old hour). Equally, the cap may have been removed on the total number of pools visible. Or both. Or just buggy behaviour. Either way, great observation!

    I'd love to get conformation that the daily quest fish are now always caught first time, as they were in beta. You'll also note that they are caught with another fish - the way quest fish work in the pre-TBC parts of the game.

  9. By Gummo <Moderator> 1 day ago

    Zangarmarsh pools in Serpent Lake have always been like that as far as I know...

    Just did the Deadliest Catch -- you get credit as soon as you use the lure with 5 zulian mudskunk, and you don't go into combat right away, so a druid should also be able to do this without dying (unless Gahz'rinka puts everyone in combat when he appears or something). Most of the churning muddy waters are hard to fish solo without being attacked, but one can appear by Nate's point and another that you can fish far enough away from gators, at least for a level 65. I had to reset the instance once to get pools to reappear where I could fish for more mudskunk.

  10. Daily quest fish seem to be different now

    Since patch, I'm 3/3 in first catch, along with another fish

  11. By Azmodan <Angler> 19 hours ago

    accelerated skillup is not yet active


  12. By el <Nat Pagle's Love Child> 8 hours ago

    I'm searching for more information on the 10 skill-point cap theory: Are people close to 375 seeing more than 10 catches per skill-up?


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