[Fishing] Schooner Wreckage

  1. Can anyone confirm whether or not these are in game yet? I have made 2 separate runs through STM and Ashenvale and have yet to see one.

  2. By Gummo <Moderator> 4 days ago

    Schooner wreckage definitely exists in the STM lake, but I had to fish out some Blackmouth pools before I got one to appear. I also tried Ashenvale first but didn't find any. It's probably easier to find along the coast near Southshore or Wetlands.

  3. By el <Nat Pagle's Love Child> 4 days ago

    There's a good chance these are being "cherry picked" by people trying to complete the Scavenger, and not fishing other pools. So you may need to fish other pools before these show up.

    Ashenvale is a strange place for wreckage pools. I have a hunch that the chance of seeing a pool there is much lower than similar zones. It is also a really difficult place to confirm that, because the pools are spread out across a large zone, not in a neat line like Hillsbrad Foothills.

  4. By GormanGhaste <Angler> 4 days ago

    When I was completing the Scavenger achievement, I went to the Wetlands coast for the Schooner Wreckage, and sure enough, there were just alchemy fish pools there until I cleared all the pools, and then a schooner pool spawned.

  5. Been Fishing a couple of hours in Ashenvale... Only sagefish schools and no respawn of Schooner school's
    So I reckon this is a bad place unless you like a challenge ^^ and are ok running around tree's and other things in your way.

  6. thanks for your input all...i went to southshore and fished one up there while doing the Hallow's End quests to make the silly alliance sick :)


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