[General] What do you enjoy doing more?

  1. Nivmizzet <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    Fishing in World of Warcraft or fishing in real life?

  2. Avatarel <Nat Pagle's Love Child>, 2 months ago:

    To put this in context, earlier in the year, we had a poll that showed quite a lot of people enjoyed both physical ("real life") and game fishing.

  3. Morganna <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    love fishing in real life, carp man myself but can often be found out on a boat near littlehampton!

    just thought of a new idea for wow, a boat (+ fishing skill) lets you fish pools further out!

  4. thiealze <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    Fishing in real life creeps me out. I don't like skewering worms on a hook.

  5. Avatardonquixote235 <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    Since I'm allergic to seafood there's not much incentive for me to fish in real life. So, fishing in WoW for sure.

  6. Shamshage <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    I'm allergic to seafood myself but i've fished irl since the age of one(yep, icefishing on the frozen lakes of northern Sweden) so there's few things i'd rather do.


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