[General] Which server do you fish on?

  1. NiceBloke <Angler>, 3 months ago:

    Just wondered if there were any other anglers on my server

    Steamwheedle Cartel [EU] (Horde)

    Might be nice to meet up for a fishing session sometime.

  2. Cozmic <Salty>, 3 months ago:

    Spinebreaker US Alliance

  3. AvatarSeine <Angler>, 3 months ago:

    Sellera - Emerald Dream [US] (Horde)
    Seine - Vek'nilash [US] (Alliance)

  4. AvatarBekkabakoo <Angler>, 3 months ago:

    Bekkabakoo - Uther [US]

  5. Shircon <Salty>, 3 months ago:

    US - Smolderthorn - Alliance.....anybody else on mine?

  6. AvatarYoco <Angler>, 3 months ago:

    My horde characters fish on Arathor-EU
    My ally characters fish on Stormrage-EU

  7. Yender <Salty>, 3 months ago:

    Shattered Hand (EU) - Alliance

  8. Wayman <Angler>, 3 months ago:

    Velen - U.S. - Alliance

  9. AvatarGMO <Angler>, 3 months ago:

    I fish on Kalecgos US- Horde. I am currently making a Gank Free Fish Grinding Guide

  10. Morganna <Salty>, 3 months ago:

    I fish on Anachronos (EU)

  11. Gihelle <Salty>, 3 months ago:

    Aerie Peak US. ^_^

  12. wow_mailbh <Angler>, 3 months ago:

    Fenris - US Alliance

  13. Vaughn <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    Mal'Ganis - EU Alliance

  14. Nivmizzet <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    Lightbringer - US Alliance (Gnome - Warlock)

  15. Augos-RH <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    Ravenholdt (US) - Horde.

  16. Berg <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    Elune (US) - Alliance

  17. Nosajje <Angler>, 2 months ago:


    P.S. Please don't kill me mailbh when you see me fishing in Ironforge :)

  18. Walnut <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    Stormreaver (EU) - Horde
    If there's anyone else from Stormreaver, please give me a whisp and we can have a nice night at the shore!

  19. Kathane <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    Feathermoon - US

  20. burning raven <Angler>, 2 months ago:

    Bloodhoof - EU - Alliance

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