Fishing 1-375 with Gold - El's Extreme Anglin' - WoW Fishing Guide


This method will take your fishing skill from 1-375 a little slower than the 1-375 Fast method, but make hundreds of gold while you level your skill. Precisely how much longer and how much more gold, depends on the detailed method and local auction house conditions. Expect to spend at least 4-5 hours more time, gaining over 500 gold.

Most of the catches are best sold cooked. To maximise you profit, you should have 350+ cooking skill or access to a cook with such skill. If you cannot cook, consider training cooking with fishing, as described in the next section.

The basics of fishing are not covered here. To learn about fishing techniques, please read Your First Catch.

1-75 Start


For your first catches, the method is similar the fast approach:

  1. Buy both books:
    • "Expert Fishing - The Bass and You" from Old Man Heming in Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale (or via auction). (Alternatively, if you follow the pool fishing alternative between skill 75 and 300, you can buy the book when you start fishing in Stranglethorn Vale.)
    • "Master Fishing - The Art of Angling" from Juno Duffrain in Cenarion Refuge, Zangarmarsh (or via auction). (Alternatively, you can buy this book once your skill reaches 300, when this guide recommends you travel to Outland to fish.)
  2. Obtain the best fishing pole you can. Once in Outland, this method uses a lot of lures to fish in waters that are otherwise too hard. A pole with a +20 or +25 bonus will allow you to use easy-to-buy +75 Bright Baubles. More basic poles will require +100 lures, which may be hard to find. Horde should complete the quest "Snapjaws, Mon!" for the +25 Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000. The quest "Rather Be Fishin'" gives a +20 Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole, or you can search for a Big Iron Fishing Pole.
  3. Learn Apprentice Fishing from any fishing trainer. You will find trainers in all major cities (ask a guard) and most starting areas.
  4. Travel to a starting area. For example, Durotar or Dun Morogh. Remember, starting zones do not include capital cities.
  5. If you are using a basic pole, apply a Shiny Bauble lure once and fish until your skill reaches 75. Why only one lure? Once your effective skill reaches 25 you will be able to fish here without fish getting away. After 10 minutes your skill will be over 25.
  6. At personal fishing skill 75, travel to the nearest capital city, such as Ironforge or Orgrimmar. Train Journeyman Fishing.

75-300 Fishing Deviates

Map: Oasis in the Barrens.

Travel to The Barrens to catch Deviate Fish. At 75 skill you will be able to fish in The Barrens or The Wailing Caverns without fish getting away, so no lures are required, even with poor gear.

There are two different methods:

  1. Open water fishing in The Wailing Caverns or the oases of The Barrens: Between skill 75 and 300, about 800 fish will be caught. 30% will be Deviate Fish. This method is faster than pool fishing, since no time is spent moving. Anglers can also hide from others by fishing in The Wailing Caverns, so may be useful for Alliance where the factions are at war (The Barrens is Horde territory). You will catch fewer valuable fish than pool fishing.
  2. Pool fishing in the oases of The Barrens: Fish from School of Deviate Fish. About 80% of the catch will be Deviate Fish. You will need to continually move between pools, so you will spend about twice as much time leveling 75-225 and 225-300 as open water fishing. But you will catch far more valuable fish.

The best approach is partly decided by personal preference (standing still or moving about), and partly by the difference in auction house prices of Deviates and Outland catches.

For a detailed guide to Deviates, read Catching Deviate Fish »

Raw Deviate Fish sell at auction for about 50s. It may take several days to sell large amounts of fish. Cooked Deviate Fish (Savory Deviate Delight) sell for more, however the recipe is very rare: Expect to pay over 100g, particularly if you are a member of the Alliance. If you have to buy the recipe to get your fish cooked, it may be more profitable just to sell raw fish.

While leveling fishing skill from 75 to 300:

Alternative: 75-300 Fishing Pools

Consider this alternative if you cannot cook, or if auction house prices for Deviates are low. You will make gold by selling alchemy fish and the contents of Mithril Bound Trunks. These are not always easy to sell at auction - watch the market carefully.

Pool of wreckage.
For an introduction to pool fishing, see Equipment and Pools.
  1. If you have a +20 or better pole, buy some +50 Nightcrawler lures, and head to Hillsbrad Foothills, Wetlands or Stonetalon Mountains at skill 75. If you gear is poor, fish until skill 100 in a capital city first. Your effective fishing skill (personal plus gear and lures) needs to be 150 or above.
  2. Fish Firefin Snapper School (or Oil Spill), Floating Wreckage Pool and Oily Blackmouth School (not found in Stonetalon Mountains). You may also fish School of Sagefish. Fish like Firefin Snapper are increasingly hard to sell at auction, but can still make 10-30s each. These are used by Alchemists raw - they cannot be cooked.
  3. Between skill 125 and 150, travel to Stranglethorn Vale. Precisely what skill depends on how good your gear is. Your effective fishing skill (personal plus gear and lures) needs to be 225 or above, but you can (and should) use +75 Bright Baubles. Read the book "Expert Fishing - The Bass and You". Stock up on lures.
  4. Fish from all the pools found around the coast of Stranglethorn Vale, south of Grom'Gol Base Camp. Avoid pools to the north of the Horde base, since these do not contain Mithril Bound Trunk or Stonescale Eel. The contents of Mithril Bound Trunk can fetch several gold at auction. These trunks are the main reason to fish pools, but the other alchemy fish should still sell.
  5. Once your skill has reached 225, complete the quest, "Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme".
  6. Now you can return to fish in Stranglethorn Vale without lures, or move to Feralas or Tanaris and fish the same coastal pool types. You will need to use lures in Feralas or Tanaris until your skill reaches 300. But you may find less competition there. Read the book "Master Fishing - The Art of Angling" after skill 275.
Anglers without cooking skills can continue fishing Azeroth's pools after skill 300. Steam Pump Flotsam in Zangarmarsh contain items that do not need to be cooked. But these pools cannot be fished continually without fishing other pool types. You will be forced to try and sell a lot of uncooked fish.

300-375 Outland Fishing

Anglers with poor gear should continue fishing in Azeroth until about skill 320, unless you have lots of +100 lures. Those with good gear and +100 lures can move to Outland as low as skill 275. Aim for an effective fishing skill of 400 - including bonuses from poles, gear and lures. Look out for +100 Sharpened Fish Hook at the auction house.

Map: Zangarmarsh's lakes - The Lagoon, Marshlight Lake, Sporewind Lake, Serpent Lake, and Umbrafen Lake.

Stock up on +75 Bright Baubles and fish in Zangarmarsh. Between skill 300 and 350 remain in Umbrafen Lake and The Lagoon, where the skill requirements are lowest.

As with Deviate Fish, there are two methods: Open water fishing and pool fishing.

Pool fishing levels your skill slower than open water fishing because you waste time moving between pools. However, almost everything you catch from Outland pools can be sold at auction, while barely 20% of catches from open water in Zangarmarsh are highly valued. Each pool catch is worth just under 1g, mostly at auction, mostly cooked.

Fish every pool: Just enough should respawn to allow continuous fishing, but there may not be enough pools if several anglers are fishing. Some catches are valuable when vendored, such as Goldenscale Vendorfish. The only pool catch that is difficult to sell is cooked Spotted Feltail.

If "ganking" is a problem, you can fish open water in The Underbog of Coilfang Reservoir: If alone, use stealth or an invisibility potion to reach the water safely.

After 350, fish in any part of Zangarmarsh and low-lying parts of Terokkar Forest. If your fishing gear is particularly good and +100 lures are available, consider Nagrand as you approach 375. Also check for daily fishing quests you can complete.

Fishing skill 300 to 375 takes about 800 catches. Fishing from pools will earn at least 500 gold.

An alternative: Many of those leveling cooking without fishing are still confused about where to find recipes between cooking skills 275 and 300. You may be able to catch and sell raw Darkclaw Lobster, Large Raw Mightfish and Raw Whitescale Salmon at auction. These will require fishing 330 base-skill zones in Azeroth - Azshara's Bay of Storms area, or zones such as Winterspring.
Cooking complements fishing very well. Both skills can be trained together. The final pages contain detailed guides to leveling cooking and fishing.

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