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El applying lure.

Lures (bait) add a temporary skill bonus to your fishing pole, which is expended after 10 minutes. They increase your effective fishing skill, without altering your personal skill. Lures are commonly purchased from vendors such as Fishing Suppliers.

To use a lure apply it to your fishing pole. ((In your inventory, click on the lure, and then click once on the pole. The lure will take a few seconds to be applied - wait for the progress bar to complete before starting to fish. An icon will be displayed while the lure is active - by default in the top-right of the screen.))

Lures add to your fishing skill at the time you cast the line. If the lure fades between casting and catching, that catch will still benefit from the lure skill bonus. Only one lure can be active at one time. Lures do not "stack" with other lures, however lures do stack with bonuses from poles and fishing gear.

For the casual fisherman or woman, lures provide a way to fish more effectively in areas where their personal skill is not sufficient to stop fish getting away (or even to catch any fish at all). At lower levels, consider balancing the cost of the lures against the "value" of the fish gained.

The table below lists all types of lure.

Fishing Lures
LureSkill BonusDuration (minutes)Minimum Fishing Skill RequiredCost (each)Availability
Shiny BaubleShiny Bauble+2510150cFishing, trade, and some general goods suppliers. Also a reward from Alliance-only quests "The Family and the Fishing Pole" and "Red Snapper - Very Tasty!".
NightcrawlersNightcrawlers+5010501sFishing, trade, and some general goods suppliers. Occasionally found on the corpses of Undead monsters (ghouls, zombies).
Aquadynamic Fish LensAquadynamic Fish Lens+501050-Reward for Alliance-only quest "Electropellers" (Darkshore).
Bright BaublesBright Baubles+75101002s 50cFishing and trade goods suppliers.
Flesh Eating WormFlesh Eating Worm+7510100-Occasionally found on the corpses of Rotted One monsters in Duskwood.
Aquadynamic Fish AttractorAquadynamic Fish Attractor+10010**1002s 50cLimited supply from fishing suppliers. Manufactured by engineers using a trained 150-skill recipe.
Sharpened Fish HookSharpened Fish Hook+10010100-4-6 are commonly found in Bags of Fishing Treasure, the reward for completing the Daily Fishing Quests. ((Only available with Patch 2.4.))
  • ** Formerly 5 minutes, but now ((since patch 2.1.2)) last 10 minutes.
  • Costs assume no reputation-related reductions. All lures stack in 20.
  • Aquadynamic Fish Attractor may be rare. Vendors have limited supplies. This typically means one or two, and only if someone else hasn't purchased them recently. Engineers can make these, so you may find them sold via the Auction House. You will not always find as many as you need.

The Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat effectively acts as a reusable +75 lure.

Mudskunk Lure (sold by Nat Pagle after completing the quest "Nat's Measuring Tape") are not "lures" at all: They are used only to summon Gahz'ranka in Zul'Gurub.

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