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A fishing pole must be equipped in your main hand to catch fish. Only one pole may be equipped at a time.

Most fishing poles give bonuses to fishing skill: While the pole is equipped, your effective fishing skill will be increased by the bonus. So if you skill is 100, and you equip a Big Iron Fishing Pole with +20 bonus, your effective fishing skill will be 120. Bonuses from poles stack with bonuses from other fishing gear and lures.

Poles are held like weapons, and can be used in combat. They cannot be enchanted (except with lines), and using them will not raise combat skills (such as "unarmed"). For discussion about how fishing skill influences effective weapon skill and critical chance rate, read this.

This table summarises fishing statistics for all poles. Further details of each pole are listed below by skill bonus.

Fishing Poles
Fishing PoleSkill BonusStamina BonusMinimum Fishing SkillMinimum LevelSource
Fishing Pole--1-Vendor
Blump Family Fishing Pole+3-110Alliance-only quest
Strong Fishing Pole+5-105Vendor
Darkwood Fishing Pole+15-5015?
Big Iron Fishing Pole+20-10025Shellfish Traps in Desolace
Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole+20+5220062Quest
Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000+25-10044Horde-only quest
Arcanite Fishing Pole+35-300-Stranglethorn Extravaganza

There are three "fishing poles" which cannot be used to fish, and are not described here:

Fishing Pole

Fishing Pole
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 1
  • Source: Vendor (Trade and Fishing Suppliers)

Basic Fishing Poles are sold by most Trade Suppliers and all Fishing Suppliers for around 4 copper. Completing the Draenai quest "Red Snapper - Very Tasty!" also rewards you with this pole. The basic Fishing Pole gives no bonus to fishing skill - it just catches fish.

Blump Family Fishing Pole

Gubber Blump
Blump Family Fishing Pole

The Blump Family Fishing Pole is the reward from alliance-only quest "The Family and the Fishing Pole", from Gubber Blump, found on Auberdine beach in Darkshore. The quest requires you to fish 6 Darkshore Groupers, which can be caught off the coast of Darkshore. The pole is bound to you, so there is no way for Horde to gain it (not that they should want to).

Strong Fishing Pole

Children fishing in Redridge.
Strong Fishing Pole
  • Skill bonus: +5
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 10
  • Minimum level required: 5
  • Source: Vendor (Fishing Suppliers) in limited quantities

The Strong Fishing Pole is a limited supply item from fishing suppliers, but most carry one. Costs around 9s 2c.

Darkwood Fishing Pole

Darkwood Fishing Pole
  • Skill bonus: +15
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 50
  • Minimum level required: 15
  • Source: Fishing (see below)

Originally the Darkwood Fishing Pole was very (very) rarely carried by Nightbane Worgen in Duskwood (thanks Ernest Santos) or Bloodsnout Worgs in Silverpine Forest. For most anglers, the Darkwood Fishing Pole was legendary: Only a handful of people had ever seen it. The pole has since been found as a catch from fishing. It is known to be very rarely caught from inland open water in Ashenvale, Duskwood, Hillsbrad Foothills, Redridge Mountains, Stonetalon Mountains, and Wetlands. If you know of other locations, please let us know!

Big Iron Fishing Pole

Big Iron Fishing Pole
  • Skill bonus: +20
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 100
  • Minimum level required: 25
  • Source: Rarely from Shellfish Traps in Desolace (see below)

The Big Iron Fishing Pole is rarely found in the Shellfish Traps on the floor of the ocean off the coast of Desolace, in the bay immediately south-west of Shadowprey Village. ((For those that use co-ordinates, around 20,80.))

Swim round opening all the traps you can find until one contains the pole. You are not looking for one particular trap - there is a chance of about 1 in 100 of any one trap containing a pole. Those odds are very variable - you may need to investigate hundreds of traps before finding a pole. The Shellfish found in most of the traps are for the Horde-only quest "Fish in a Bucket". Some of the traps contain a single (level 34+) monster, which you need to be able to fight. I recommend that you use underwater breathing potions, enlist the help of a special mage (I prefer that term to "warlock") or Shaman who can cast underwater breathing, or acquire an item that allows you to breath underwater. Fin notes, "you can actually stay underwater by positioning yourself over one of the scattered bubble points ((which resets your Breath meter))." This will remove the need to return to the surface after investigating each trap, saving a lot of time.

The Big Iron Fishing Pole is the highest bonus pole not to be bound to its finder: It can be traded. You may find this pole for sale at the Auction House - expect to pay over 20 gold for it.

Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole

Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole
  • Skill bonus: +20
  • Stamina bonus: +52
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 200
  • Source: Level 62+ quest (Rather Be Fishin')

Reward for quest "Rather Be Fishin'" from Seth in refuge area of Shattrath City. The Pristine Shimmerscale Eels required for the quest can't be caught - they are dropped by the Shimmerscale Eels in Silmyr Lake.

At the time of writing, this is the highest skill-bonus pole that can be gained easily by Alliance.

Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000

Katoom the Angler
Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000
  • Skill bonus: +25
  • Minimum fishing skill required: 100
  • Source: Level 44+ Horde-only quest (Snapjaws, Mon!)

Reward for the Horde-only quest "Snapjaws, Mon!", from Katoom the Angler, in Revantusk Village, The Hinterlands. The quest requires you to kill 15 Saltwater Snapjaws, which can be found along the coast of the Hinterlands. The pole is bound to its new owner, so there is no way for Alliance to gain it.

Arcanite Fishing Pole

Arcanite Fishing Pole

One of two possible rewards for winning the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. The pole is bound to the winner, so you will not find this for sale at the Auction House.

Poles are not the only item of gear that gives a bonus to fishing skill while equipped.

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