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Old Azeroth Pools

The table below shows old Azeroth's pools and the locations they are found in.

Patch 3.0 added prefixes to many pools, such as Lesser Oily Blackmouth School or Teeming Firefin Snapper School. At the time of writing, a "lesser" pool has just as many fish as a "teeming" pool.
Old Azeroth Schools
PoolMain CatchLocations
Firefin Snapper Schools and Oil SpillFirefin SnapperFirefin SnapperCoastal waters: Abundant, Sparse, Teeming, and Firefin Snapper School. Inland Oil Spill: Stonetalon Mountains (Blackwolf River and Cragpool Lake).
Muddy Churning WaterZulian MudskunkZulian MudskunkZul'Gurub. See Unusual Pools »
Oily Blackmouth SchoolsOily BlackmouthOily BlackmouthCoastal waters: Abundant, Lesser, Sparse, Teeming, and Oily Blackmouth School.
Patch of Elemental WaterEssence of WaterAzshara (Bay of Storms, Hetaera's Clutch, Scalebeard's Cave). Full details »
School of Deviate FishDeviate FishDeviate FishThe Barrens (inland oasis only). Full details »
School of Greater SagefishRaw Greater SagefishRaw Greater SagefishInland Alterac Mountains (Lordamere Lake) and Stranglethorn Vale.
Sagefish SchoolsRaw SagefishRaw SagefishInland Lesser Sagefish School and School of Sagefish.
School of TastyfishSpeckled TastyfishSpeckled TastyfishCoastal Stranglethorn Vale, during the Fishing Extravaganza. Full details »
Stonescale Eel SwarmStonescale EelStonescale EelCoastal Azshara, Feralas, Stranglethorn Vale (south of Grom'Gol), and Tanaris. Full details »
Wreckage PoolsTrunkIron Bound TrunkWaterlogged Wreckage Pool »
Mithril Bound TrunkBloodsail Wreckage Pool »
Floating Wreckage Pool »
Tightly Sealed TrunkFloating Debris Pool »
Watertight TrunkSchooner Wreckage Pool »

Pools appear at a fixed set of possible "nodes" within each zone. Not all these points will have a pool at any one time, as discussed in the Spawning section. In most zones, each possible spawning location may contain any of the pool types that appear in the area. For example, a node on the coast of Hillsbrad Foothills may contain a Firefin Snapper School, Oily Blackmouth School, or Schooner Wreckage Pool. Coastal and inland pools are completely separate. So inland pools in Hillsbrad Foothills will only ever contain School of Sagefish or Floating Wreckage Pools.

Wreckage pools may appear instead of any other pool in Azeroth, except for Muddy Churning Water, Patch of Elemental Water, School of Tastyfish and School of Red Snapper. The pool name, and type of trunk caught, depends on the area the pool is found in.

Pools called "School of Red Snapper" can be found in Ammen Ford, Azuremyst Isle. These pools cannot be fished conventionally: See the Unusual Pools section.

Outland Pools

Outland has a completely different set of pools. They are fished in the same way:

Outland Schools
PoolMain CatchLocations
Bluefish SchoolIcefin BluefishIcefin BluefishNagrand »
Brackish Mixed SchoolGolden Darter
Spotted Feltail
Terokkar Forest and Zangarmarsh.
Highland Mixed SchoolFurious Crawdad
Golden Darter
Terokkar Forest (lakes Blackwind, Ere'Noru, Jorune). Full details »
Mudfish SchoolFigluster's MudfishFigluster's MudfishNagrand »
Pure WaterMote of WaterMote of WaterNagrand. Full details »
Sporefish SchoolZangarian SporefishZangarian SporefishZangarmarsh »
Steam Pump FlotsamHeavy Supply Crate
Steam Pump Debris
Zangarmarsh »

The The Burning Crusade topic contains further information about Outland's pools.

Now you know where to look to find pools, it is useful to know why those pools might not be there when you try and fish them.

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