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Primals and Essences

Pool of Pure Water.

Primals, essences and similar reagents can be obtained from many different sources, including fishing. Fishing is often the most effective way to gather these materials. They are used by many professions to make or enchant items.

Primals and Essences Caught from Fishing
ItemMedian Auction ValueCatching
Elemental WaterElemental Water75sWhere to catch »
Essence of WaterEssence of Water1gWhere to catch »
Globe of WaterGlobe of Water50sWhere to catch »
Mote of WaterMote of Water1g 90sWhere to catch »

Mote of Water are commonly sold as Primal Water. 10 Mote of Water makes 1 Primal Water. Mote of Water are also sometimes contained in the Bag of Fishing Treasures, the reward from the Daily Fishing Quests.


Pools, particularly Floating Wreckage Pools, often contain trunks. ((Right-click trunks and other containers to open them.)) The table below shows the contents of the most commonly caught trunks.

Curious CrateCurious Crate2-6 Knothide Leather Scraps, 1-3 Netherweave Cloth, or 1-3 Fel Iron Ore.Where to catch »
Heavy Supply CrateHeavy Supply CrateElemental Blasting Powder, Fel Iron Ore, Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, or White Smoke Flares.Where to catch »
Iron Bound TrunkIron Bound TrunkMoney (silver), Heavy Leather, Thick Leather, Bolt of Silk Cloth, Bolt of Mageweave, Mana Potion and Greater Healing Potion. Sometimes items of equipment or profession recipes.Where to catch »
Mithril Bound TrunkMithril Bound TrunkMoney (silver), Thick Leather, Rugged Leather, Bolt of Mageweave, Bolt of Runecloth, Greater Mana Potion and Superior Healing Potion. Sometimes items of equipment or profession recipes.Where to catch »
Tightly Sealed TrunkTightly Sealed TrunkMoney, Light Leather, Medium Leather, Bolt of Linen Cloth, Bolt of Woolen Cloth, Minor Mana Potion and Lesser Healing Potion. Sometimes items of equipment or profession recipes.Where to catch »
Watertight TrunkWatertight TrunkMoney, Heavy Leather, Medium Leather, Bolt of Silk Cloth, Bolt of Woolen Cloth, Lesser Mana Potion and Healing Potion. Sometimes items of equipment or profession recipes.Where to catch »

All those boxes look rather similar from the outside, don't they?

Pool of wreckage.

Good profits are to be made from fishing Azeroth's wreckage pools at mid-level. The contents of a single Mithril Bound Trunk typically sells for about one gold at the Auction House. Bolts of Mageweave and Runecloth sell particularly well to tailors. For those fishing in easier waters, bolts of Woolen Cloth and Medium Leather will still sell for some Silver. Items of equipment and recipes in trunks are rare, but can sometimes be sold at auction for gold. Pools in Azeroth also sometimes contain Stranglekelp, which is used by Alchemists. For detailed analysis read the Pool Contents topic.

Most trunks come from pools. Open water fishing sometimes contains trunks too.

When fishing in open water on the coast of Azeroth, items are contained within a chest or container. Most of these chests are locked: Ironbound Locked Chest, Reinforced Locked Chest, Small Locked Chest, and Sturdy Locked Chest. Locked boxes can be opened by a skilled rogue or by using Blacksmiths' skeleton keys. Commonly locked chests contain single bolts of cloth or leather. They rarely contain equipment.

Note that when fishing inland open waters in Azeroth, similar items are found, just not contained in trunks.

Azeroth's open coastal water also contains non-locked boxes formerly belonged to the Venture Company: Dented Crate, Heavy Crate, Sealed Crate, and Waterlogged Crate. These contain engineering goods, such as blasting powders. Perhaps the Venture Company employ a lot of careless deck hands?


Parchment documents tend to be found within containers. Both containers are rare catches.

Message in a Bottle
  • Message in a Bottle
  • Contents: Most messages in a bottle contain minor scrolls. Some contain recipes, formulas and similar instructions that professional skills can be learnt from.
  • Where to catch »

Occasionally Message in a Bottle will contain just that - a message: One of a series of three Damp Diary pages (day 4, day 87, and day 512) which tell of one mystery shipwreck survivor's battle with bananas. Fascinating.

Fish That Can Be Opened

Some fish contain pearls, gems and other items. It is normally quicker to kill monsters or mine for these items than to fish for them: Regard them as a bonus catch, not something to specifically fish for.

Bloated Giant Sunfish
Jaggal Clam

Other bloated fish can still rarely be caught while fishing inland open water in Azeroth: Bloated Catfish, Bloated Mud Snapper, Bloated Redgill, Bloated Salmon, Bloated Smallfish, Bloated Trout, and Bloodfin Catfish. Bloated fish normally contain gems, but sometimes contain rings and necklaces. Historically bloated fish were also caught from pools.

Alchemists' Fish

Alchemists make use of the fish. Since not all alchemists enjoy fishing, or have the patience to learn, all these fish should sell at auction. Prices shown are for single raw fish.

Alchemists' Fish
FishRequired to makeMedian Auction ValueCatching
Deviate FishDeviate FishElixir of Giant Growth (1 fish).30sWhere to catch »
Firefin SnapperFirefin SnapperFire Oil (2 fish per oil).10sWhere to catch »
Oily BlackmouthOily BlackmouthBlackmouth Oil (2 fish per oil).10sWhere to catch »
Stonescale EelStonescale EelStonescale Oil (1 fish per oil).30sWhere to catch »

Traditionally Stonescale Eels were particularly popular among "raiding" guilds that battled their way through the hardest dungeons. Demand is now much reduced. Stonescale Oil is used in several consumable potions, such as Flask of the Titans and Greater Stoneshield Potion, which help keep warrior "tanks" alive. Andrew adds, "one of the big demand drivers for these fish [Stonescale Eels] now is that the oil is required for one of the steps in upgrading Tier 0 armour to Tier 0.5." The Burning Crusade effectively removes the need to collect and upgrade these level 60 armor sets. The Argent Dawn also request Stonescale Eels for one of the Craftsman's Writs quests.

So plenty of useful materials can be found by fishing. Items of gear that you can wear or equip can also be caught by anglers.

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