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This page describes content that is only available with Wrath of the Lich King. This expansion is not yet available to buy. The information here may change upon release.

Salt and Fresh Water: Almost

Like the rest of Azeroth, inland (fresh) water contains different fish to coastal (salt) water. Except that simple logic is broken, just as it was broken in the new zones added to Azeroth in The Burning Crusade: Coastal fish can only be caught from parts of the coast that have a specific name (or no inland fish, such as The Frozen Sea). Where the coast takes the name of the zone, inland fish will be caught instead.

There is an important change to deep-sea fishing. In old Azeroth, the sea has the same catch and skill level as the nearest zone. In Northrend, the surrounding Frozen Sea has different catches and skill from all the nearby zones. Most of the sea causes rapid fatigue, but there are still plenty of Icebergs and ice shelves where an angler can safely stand and fish from The Frozen Sea.



Catches from inland open water (and coastal areas that give inland fish) in Northrend have a chance of giving a bonus fish alongside the main catch: Pygmy Suckerfish.

This fish is used by Alchemists to make Pygmy Oil. Each fish makes 1-2 oils. Drinking Pygmy Oil makes you a little smaller for 10 minutes. After drinking 6-10 oils in a row, you gain a buff described as "Pygmified!", which turns you into - you guessed it - a Pygmy for 10 minutes! The buff currently changes appearance, voice and emotes: You become just like a gnome. There are no obvious combat benefits yet, such as immunity to polymorph. For Druids, shapeshifting removes the Pygmified buff (thanks zolani). This may become an alternative to cooked Deviate Fish (Pygmy Suckerfish are probably easier to catch).

Northrend Common Catches

The table below shows the fish caught in Northrend (in addition to any Pygmy Suckerfish). Follow the fish-name link for more detailed information. All the catches shown can be found in open water, and most can now also be caught from pools. Tentatively pools give a 100% catch rate for the named fish.

Cooking recipes are shown where known. All cooked fish restores 15,000 health and 12,960 mana when eaten. Very few cooked dishes previously restored mana. Some cooked fish also give buffs when eaten. Recipe sources marked "Trainer" can be trained at 350 cooking skill from Northrend Cooking trainers. Recipe sources marked "Dalaran Cooking Award" require tokens from the new daily cooking quests in Dalaran (described below), and can be learnt at cooking skill 400.

Northrend Common Catches
FishCooked Food (with other ingredients)Recipe SourceMinimum Level (to eat)BuffDuration (minutes)Catching
Barrelhead GobyBarrelhead GobySauteed GobyTrainer70--Where to catch »
Bonescale SnapperBonescale SnapperGrilled BonescaleTrainer70--Where to catch »
Snapper Extreme (3 fish, with Northern Spices)Dalaran Cooking Award70+40 Hit Rating, +40 Stamina60
Borean Man O' WarBorean Man O' War-----Where to catch »
Deep Sea MonsterbellyDeep Sea Monsterbelly-----Where to catch »
Dragonfin AngelfishDragonfin AngelfishBlackened Dragonfin (2 fish, with Northern Spices)Dalaran Cooking Award70+40 Agility, +40 Stamina60Where to catch »
Dragonfin Fillet (with Northern Spices)Dalaran Cooking Award70+40 Strength, +40 Stamina60
Fangtooth HerringFangtooth HerringHaunted Herring (with Essence of Undeath)World Drop-"Makes you scared" (no apparent use yet)120Where to catch »
Pickled FangtoothTrainer70+12 MP5, +40 Stamina60
Spicy Fried Herring (with Northern Spices)Dalaran Cooking Award70+16 MP5, +40 Stamina60
Fountain GoldfishFountain GoldfishEaten raw (7500 health)-70--Where to catch »
Glacial SalmonGlacial SalmonFirecracker Salmon (with Northern Spices)Dalaran Cooking Award70+46 Spell Power, +40 Stamina60Where to catch »
Smoked SalmonTrainer70+35 Spell Power, +40 Stamina60
Glassfin MinnowGlassfin Minnow-----Where to catch »
Imperial Manta RayImperial Manta RayBaked Manta RayTrainer70+30 Haste Rating, +40 Stamina60Where to catch »
Imperial Manta Steak (with Northern Spices)Dalaran Cooking Award70+40 Haste Rating, +40 Stamina60
Magic EaterMagic EaterEaten raw-70See Dalaran Fishing1/60Where to catch »
Moonglow CuttlefishMoonglow CuttlefishCuttlesteak (with Northern Spices)Dalaran Cooking Award70+40 Spirit, +40 Stamina60Where to catch »
Musselback SculpinMusselback SculpinGrilled SculpinTrainer70+60 Attack Power, +40 Stamina60Where to catch »
Poached Northern Sculpin (with Northern Spices)Dalaran Cooking Award70+80 Attack Power, +40 Stamina60
NettlefishNettlefishPoached NettlefishTrainer70+30 Critical Rating, +40 Stamina60Where to catch »
Spicy Blue Nettlefish (with Northern Spices)Dalaran Cooking Award70+40 Critical Rating, +40 Stamina60
Rockfin GrouperRockfin GrouperSmoked RockfinTrainer70--Where to catch »
Sewer CarpSewer CarpEaten raw-70--Where to catch »
Shimmering MinnowShimmering MinnowEaten raw-70-Where to catch »
Slippery EelSlippery EelEaten raw-70+30 Dodge Rating60Where to catch »

Wrath of the Lich King simplifies many personal statistics: For example, +Healing Power and +Spell Power are expressed as a single value, Spell Power. Northern Spices are sold by a vendor: 10 spices requires 1 Dalaran Cooking Award.

2 "feast" dishes require fish. Both recipes are purchased using with Dalaran Cooking Awards, and require cooking skill 425 to learn. The dishes can be eaten by those in your party:

Some other unusual rare catches can be found in Dalaran, including a minipet. Read the Dalaran Fishing Guide for details.

Dalaran Cooking Awards

A new set of daily cooking quests can be found in Dalaran. These start from the cooking trainer, in the inn within your faction's enclave in the city. One quest out from 5 different types will be available each day. Most quests require items to be gathered from within Dalaran, and combined with some cooked meat. At least one of these quests (Mustard Dogs) is not available at low level (74) or low skill (400).

Completing a Dalaran cooking daily quest gives 1 or 2 Dalaran Cooking Awards, plus a Small Spice Bag that contains a few Northern Spices and sometimes another Dalaran Cooking Award, spice, or recipe. Dalaran Cooking Awards are tokens that can be traded with the vendor stood near to the cooking trainer.

Recipes marked "Dalaran Cooking Award" above can be purchased using 3 Dalaran Cooking Awards.

Northern Spices can also be purchased for 1 Dalaran Cooking Award per stack of 10 spices. All the best buff foods require Northern Spices, which (currently) can only be purchased with Awards, and each individual can only gain a limited number of awards each day. In practice, this should restrict the number of times a raiding group can "wipe" (die) fully buffed, each week. It may also make the best buff food exceptionally valuable.

It is likely cooks will need to complete many daily quests just to reach level 450: The best trainable recipes (those for buff foods) "go green" (become unlikely to give a skill-up when cooking) at level 382, and are likely to "go grey" (never give a skill-up) by level 415-420: the final 30-35 points of cooking relies on recipes that require Dalaran Cooking Awards.

Inland Open-Water Catch Rates

The next 2 sections give some approximate catch rates for inland open water.

Based on 925 sucessful casts into inland open water across Northrend, there is a 10% chance of catching a Pygmy Suckerfish alongside another catch.

Tentatively: There is a chance to catch Crystallized Water (Northrend's Mote of Water) and Reinforced Crate (which contain either 3-4 Borean Leather Scraps, 2-3 Cobalt Ore, or 2-3 Frostweave Cloth) from any Northrend open water, except Dalaran. Catch rates from open water are under 1%. These are not shown in the tables below.

The table below shows a sample of catches from inland open water in each zone. Dalaran is not yet shown - it was recently changed:

Northrend Inland Open Water Catch Rates (except Sholazar Basin)
ZoneBonescale SnapperDragonfin AngelfishFangtooth HerringGlacial SalmonGlassfin MinnowMusselback SculpinSample
Borean Tundra58%24%---18%105
All Western56%24%---20%219
Crystalsong Forest74%---26%-118
All Central74%---26%-118
Grizzly Hills58%-20%22%--128
Howling Fjord52%-24%24%--108
All Eastern55%-22%23%--236

Sholazar Basin has completely different fish. Sampling 211 catches, 73% were Barrelhead Goby, and 27% Nettlefish.

Overall, where the inland open water of an area contains 3 types of fish, 55% of the catch will be Bonescale Snapper, with the other 2 fish split equally, about 22% each. Areas that contain only 2 types of fish are split approximately 70% to 30%. In all cases an extra 10% of Pygmy Suckerfish will be caught.

Coastal/Sea Open-Water Catch Rates

All coastal/ocean areas appear to follow the same pattern: 60% Rockfin Grouper, plus 20% for each of the 2 less common fish in the area.

Northrend Costal and Sea Open Water Catch Rates
ZoneBorean Man O' WarDeep Sea MonsterbellyImperial Manta RayMoonglow CuttlefishRockfin GrouperSample
Borean Tundra25%-15%-60%113
Grizzly Hills18%-27%-55%114
Howling Fjord18%-17%-65%121
All Northrend Coastal20%-20%-59%522
The Frozen Sea-20%-21%59%193

Crystallized Water and Reinforced Crate are also very rarely caught from open water (described above).

Old Azeroth

Stormwind Harbor's new coastal water contains the same fish as the canals of the city: Mostly Raw Brilliant Smallfish, Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish and Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper.

Catches on the new coast of the Eastern Plaguelands are the same as those inland.

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